The hidden network | Helping to end rough sleeping in Westminster

The hidden network
Helping to end rough sleeping in Westminster

Your donation will help to rebuild the lives of people sleeping rough

There's a hidden network that's transforming the lives of people sleeping rough in Westminster. Together, we can help more rough sleepers overcome the issues that led them to the streets and empower them to build a brighter future

Change that lasts a lifetime

A hidden network of dedicated professionals and volunteers is working around the clock to end rough sleeping in Westminster. They provide services such as counselling, befriending and addiction recovery, and they help with securing long-term employment and accommodation.

The network's partners are Turning Point, The Connection at St Martin's, St Mungo's, Look Ahead, West London Mission and Westminster City Council's specialised services.

Despite Westminster spending more resource on the issue of rough sleeping than any other council in the UK, more still needs to be done. You can make a big difference by giving to the registered charities working with us to help more people off the streets for good.

Support during coronavirus

Throughout the pandemic, the council and our charity partners have helped 246 people off the streets and into hotels and other accommodation, and a huge logistical operation has been in place to provide food, clothing, medical supplies and other essentials.

The pandemic has provided an unprecedented opportunity for us to engage with more people. We are working with everyone in our emergency accommodation to provide tailored support that will help them secure accommodation, access jobs and skills training, and continue working with mental health and drug and alcohol addiction services.

The hidden network tirelessly provides life-changing, long-term solutions

"The most rewarding part of my job is seeing people achieve positive things. Paying their bills, cooking for themselves... just becoming a part of society again" - Peter, outreach worker at Turning Point.

Rough sleeping is a difficult cycle to break. Together, we can transform the lives of more people sleeping rough in Westminster, who urgently need our help.

CHAT - it can make a big difference

Acknowledging someone who is sleeping rough can reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

It could be a smile or a wave or, if you feel comfortable, say 'hello' and have a conversation.

They all play a major part in improving someone's self-esteem and helping them feel less alone.

APP - if you're concerned about someone sleeping rough

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough please alert StreetLink using their app, or via the StreetLink website. Your alert will help local outreach teams try to connect with those you are worried about.

TAP - wherever you see a giving point

Over the coming months you will see tap machines appear across Westminster. Use your contactless card to give directly to registered charities and local services, wherever you see a giving point.

Donating money this way helps the network to engage directly with people sleeping rough, providing long term support that will help rebuild people's lives.

Donate today to help someone in need

Your donation will be shared equally among the hidden network charities - St Mungo's, The Connection, Turning Point, West London Mission and Look Ahead.

It will provide hope to some of the most vulnerable people in Westminster and help rebuild lives. Every contribution makes a difference.

We're supporting these charities that are part of the hidden network

Your support will help to bring a real change for people sleeping rough in Westminster.

Did you know?


Westminster City Council provides over 400 commissioned beds, through 24-hour supported services and shelters


Living on the streets is unsafe, with a higher risk of abuse. Tragically, 47 is the average age of the death of a rough sleeper


The number of people known to have slept rough on the streets of Westminster last year - the highest in the country.

With your kind donations, the hidden network can continue transforming the lives of those who need our help the most.

Our strategy

Our Rough Sleeping Strategy identifies 3 key priorities:

- prevention
- supporting people to rebuild their lives
- intervening to stop dangerous behaviour

Read about our detailed action plan to deliver a significant reduction in rough sleeping and address the harm it brings to individuals and communities in Westminster.