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Cycle Hire and dockless bike shares

Cycle Hire and dockless bike shares

Published: 23 January 2021

Last updated: 4 August 2022

Santander Cycle Hire

The Santander Cycle Hire scheme has rapidly become an iconic part of London’s transport mix.

Westminster has 164 hire stations around the borough. With the cost as low as 25 pence a day for unlimited trips under 30 minutes, it's one of the fastest, cheapest and most convenient ways to get around.

A full explanation of the scheme as well as maps showing the hire points, is available at Transport for London.

Dockless bike share

There are no parking zones on the public highway within City of Westminster for any dockless bike share schemes.

Please check the operator’s smartphone app and their geofenced maps to see where the cycles can be parked safely.

An inconsiderate parking is an obstruction to the public highway, and can cause issues with pedestrians and the visually impaired and other disabled groups. This includes both electric pedal assist and non-assisted variants.