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Joining the Reserve Forces offers you the chance to: 

  • learn new skills 
  • take on exciting new challenges 
  • get paid 
  • perform a vital role 
  • train and deploy alongside the regulars 
You can now apply to join the Army Reserves up to the age of 52.

Choose your role 

Choose from hundreds of roles, from general to specialist. Some people choose a job based on their civilian skills whilst others train for a role that is completely different.  

About the Reserve Forces 

A reservist is someone who combines their civilian career with a paid job in the armed forces in their spare time. 

  • choose from hundreds of roles including specialist roles in IT, HR and medicine
  • after your initial training, you will be expected to train with your unit for a minimum number of days each year and will also need time off if you are mobilised
  • training takes place in the evening and on weekends plus 16 days continuous training 
  • you can apply if you’re aged 18 to 52 for the Army Reserve (Territorial Army); 18 to 50 for the Royal Air Force Reserves or 16 to 40 for the Royal Naval Reserve
  • age limits are higher for ex-regulars and some specialist roles 


Take a look at the FAQs to find out more about what being a Reservist involves.  

Find out more

Visit Army Reserves (Territorial Army)  or call 0845 600 8080.

Visit Royal Naval Reserves or call 08456 07 55 55.

Visit Royal Air Force Reserves or call 0845 606 9069.

Last updated: 4 September 2018
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