Request a review of a case decision

As a provider of housing we have to decide who we can help and how. We will write to you with our decision and tell you what help we will offer.

Request a review

If you disagree with our decision you can ask us to review (reconsider) it. The time you have to ask for a review is limited to 21 date from the date you receive the decision letter. So you must act quickly if you want to challenge one of our decisions.

You can ask for a review if:

  • you apply for housing as a homeless person but we decide we do not have a duty to find you somewhere to live
  • we have agreed to house you because you are homeless but you believe the accommodation we have offered is unsuitable.
  • we decide you do not qualify for the housing register
  • we decide to remove you from our housing register
  • we place you on our housing register but do not allow you to bid for properties

How to ask for a review

You may ask for a review over the phone, in person, online or by in writing. When doing so, please tell us why you think we are wrong and give us new information to support your case.

Independent advice

If you wish, you may get someone else to ask for the review on your behalf, for example, a friend, Citizen's Advice Bureau or a solicitor. We have a list of independent advice agencies who can help with this.

If you write, please send your request to Housing Solutions Service, quoting your reference number.

Senior officer

A senior officer not involved in the original decision will look again at your case, then will write to you with our final decision.

If you disagree with the final decision

If you think our final decision is legally wrong you can ask the County Court to change it. You have 21 days from the day you receive our final decision in which to apply to the Court. We suggest you get legal advice before doing so.

Download the 'Complaints and Reviews' leaflet (PDF)

Last updated: 1 October 2018
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