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Report it

Let us know about any street problems in Westminster, such as fly tipping, potholes, abandoned vehicles or graffiti.

Fly tipping

Report dumped rubbish.

Street cleaning

Tell us about a street cleaning problem.

Missed bin collection

Tell us about a missed rubbish or mixed recycling collection.

Noise nuisance

Report a noise problem.

Busking and street entertainment

Report a problem about busking or street entertainment.

Anti-social behaviour

Report anti-social behaviour on a Westminster housing estate.

Faulty street light

Report a problem with a lamp post.

Street works

Tell us about a road or street works problem.

Sign and bollards

Tell us about a problem with bollards or street signage.


Report a drain or surface water problem.

Safety fences and barriers

Tell us about a problem with barriers or safety fences.


Tell us about damage to roads or pavements.

Privately-rented housing conditions

Report poor or unsafe housing conditions in privately rented housing.

Council housing conditions

Request an appointment for repairs.

Short-term lets

Report a property that you think is being let for more than 90 nights a year.

Smoke and odours

Report bad smells, dust or fumes.

Illegally parked vehicles

Tell us about cars, motorbikes, lorries and vans that you think may be wrongly parked in bays, on yellows lines or in other places where they shouldn't be.

Traffic contraventions and illegal driving

Report illegal driving such as vehicles making banned turns, ignoring no entry signs, driving the wrong way down one-way streets.

Unnecessary engine idling

Tell us about a vehicle running its engine unnecessarily.

Abandoned vehicle

Report a dumped vehicle to the council.

Abandoned bicycle

You can report an abandoned bicycle to the council and we will remove it, even if it is padlocked.

Graffiti and flyposting

Tell us about any graffiti or flyposting in Westminster streets.

Dog fouling

Report dog fouling to our street cleaning team.

Animal or dog nuisance

Tell us about a problem with dogs or other animals.

Planning breach

Report a contravention of planning regulations.

Illegal street trading and advertising

Tell us about illegal street trading or advertising.

Parks, open spaces and trees

Tell us about an issue with parks, open spaces and trees.

Food safety

Report a food safety problem.

Abandoned hire bike or e-scooter

Tell us about an abandoned hire bike or e-scooter which is causing a nuisance or dangerous obstruction.