Report a food safety concern

We only investigate food complaints if you live, visit or work in Westminster. If the company's registered address is in Westminster, we may be able to help.

Report a concern

You can report food safety concerns to the council by contacting the Food Safety Team..

Contact the Food Safety team

The team will respond to your complaint within 5 working days, providing you with an initial assessment and details about what happens next.

If a foreign body is found in food, where possible, keep the foreign body, the food (in the freezer if perishable), the receipt and packaging.

Food poisoning

If you suffer from food poisoning symptoms, seek medical advice from your GP or contact NHS 111.

You should also:

  • not handle or prepare food as part of your job under any circumstances
  • not return to work until 48 hours after the symptoms have ceased
  • not work if you work with children or the elderly
  • drink plenty of fluids and rest until you are better
  • avoid preparing food for other people
  • consider submitting a stool specimen to the Public Health Laboratory via your doctor to identify any food poisoning bacteria and assist with a potential food poisoning investigation

Trading Standard complaints

If you have a concern about weights and measures, this should be reported to Westminster Trading Standards.

Last updated: 7 November 2017
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