Rejected applications for disabled badges

We will write to you to explain why your application was refused and return any original documents and spare photographs to you (one photograph will be kept in case of appeal). Your application may have been rejected for the following reasons:

  • you don’t meet the conditions or medical criteria of the scheme
  • you haven’t provided us with the documents asked for
  • you’ve refused the medical assessment by our occupational therapist
  • you haven’t returned your badge to us
  • you’re not on the electoral roll or haven’t declared that you’re not eligible
  • we haven't been able to verify your place of business in Westminster


If you are unhappy with our decision, you can make an appeal. You should describe clearly the reason for your appeal and provide supporting evidence.

Please send your appeal to: Permits Administration, PO Box 734, Redhill, RH1 9FP.

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Last updated: 30 October 2019