Register of Members' Interests

In accordance with the Members Code of Conduct Councillors and co-opted Members are required to register a range of interests, the requirements are set out in the Code of Conduct.

Details of these can be found under the individual entry for each Member.

If you require historic register of interest information not available online please contact

Guidance note to members

This guidance is issued to assist Members and co-opted Members in completion of their notice of Members' interests.

1. CATEGORY 1 - Council Representative

You should list any body to which you have been appointed or nominated by the City Council. Reference should also be made to the position you hold on the body.

2. CATEGORY 2 - Other bodies of which you are a Member

You should list your membership of any of the following:

(a) a public authority (other than the City Council) or body exercising functions of a public nature of which you are a member. You should include details of any body exercising such function even if the main function of the body is for some other purpose.

(b) a company, industrial and provident society(s), charity or body directed to charitable purposes of which you are a member. This includes Freemasons, Round Table, Rotary etc and any similar body who carries out a charitable function.

(c) a body whose principal purpose include the influence of public opinion or policy of which you are a member, which would include a trade union or professional association of which you are a member.

3. CATEGORY 3 - Employment or business carried out by you

You should show every type of employment, office, trade, profession or vocation that you carry out or would declare for income tax purposes.

4. CATEGORY 4 - Employer

You should include here the name of your employer, the name of any firm of which you are a partner, and the name of any company of which you are a remunerated Director. Also any body which has appointed you, with or without remuneration.

5. CATEGORY 5 - Election Expenses

You should show here the name of any person or body, except the Council, who has made a payment to you in respect of your election expenses or any other expenses incurred by you in the carrying out of your duties.

6. CATEGORY 6 - Interests

You should list the names of any companies, industrial and provident societies, co-operative societies (but not building societies) or corporate bodies that (to your knowledge) are active in Westminster and in which you have a beneficial interest that exceeds the nominal value of £25,000 or one hundredth of the total issued share capital of that body.

7. CATEGORY 7 - Contracts

You should describe all contracts, of which you are aware, which are not fully discharged, and which are:

(a) contracts for the supply of goods, services or works to the City Council or on the City Council's behalf, and

(b) between the City Council and either yourself, a firm in which you are a partner, or a company of which you are a Director, or in which you have a beneficial interest (as disclosed in 4 above).

You need not say what the financial arrangements are, but should say for how long the contract is.

8. CATEGORY 8 - Gifts and Hospitality

You must register, within 28 days of receiving it, any gifts or hospitality worth £25 or over that you receive in connection with your official duties as a Member, and the source of the gift or hospitality. Like other interests in your register of interests, you automatically have a personal interest in a matter under consideration if it is likely to affect a person who gave you a gift or hospitality that is registered. If that is the case, you must declare the existence and nature of the gift or hospitality, the person who gave it to you, how the business under consideration relates to that person and then decide whether that interest is also a prejudicial interest.

Is the gift or hospitality connected to my official duties as a Member?

You should ask yourself, would I have been given this if I was not on the Council? If you are in doubt as to the motive behind a gift or hospitality, the Standards Board recommend that you register it or speak to your monitoring officer.

You do not need to register gifts and hospitality which are not related to your role as a member, such as Christmas gifts from your friends and family, or gifts which you do not accept. However, you should always register a gift or hospitality if it could be perceived as something given to you because of your position or if your authority requires you to.

What if I do not know the value of a gift or hospitality?

The general rule is, if in doubt as to the value of a gift or hospitality, you should register it, as a matter of good practice and in accordance with the principles of openness and accountability in public life.

You may have to estimate how much a gift or hospitality is worth. Also, an accumulation of small gifts you receive from the same source over a short period that add up to £25 or over should be registered.

9. CATEGORY 9 - Land

You should include any land in the City of Westminster in which you have a beneficial interest (that is, in which you have some proprietary interest for your own benefit). You should give the address or a brief description sufficient to identify it. If you live in Westminster you should include your home under this heading as owner, lessee, or tenant.

You should also include any property from which you receive rent, or of which you are the mortgagee.

"Land" includes any buildings or parts of buildings.

In accordance with the arrangements for the placing of Register of Interests on the City Council's website agreed by the Standards Committee details of Members home addresses will be omitted from the version placed on the website.

10. CATEGORY 10 - Corporate Tenancies

You should list any tenancies of property of which you are aware where the landlord is the City Council, and the tenant is either a firm in which you are a partner or a company of which you are a Director or in which you have a beneficial interest (as disclosed in 6 above).

11. CATEGORY 11 - Licences to Occupy Land

You should include land in the City of Westminster which you have a right either alone or jointly with another to occupy for 28 days or longer, but neither own nor have a tenancy of. You should give the address or a brief description to identify it.

"Land" includes any buildings or parts of buildings.


Members and co-opted Members must provide an update to the information declared within 28 days of the change.

Sensitive Information

1. Where you consider that the information relating to any of your personal interests is sensitive information, and your authority's monitoring officer agrees, you need not include that information when registering that interest, or as the case may be, a change to that interest.

2. You must, within 28 days of becoming aware of any change of circumstances which means that information excluded under the previous paragraph is no longer sensitive information, notify the Director of Legal and Administrative Services asking that the information be included in the authority's register of members' interests.

3. "Sensitive information" means information whose availability for inspection by the public creates, or is likely to create, a serious risk that you or a person who lives with you may be subjected to violence or intimidation.

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Last updated: 12 June 2018
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