National restrictions are in place. Learn what this means if you live or work in Westminster.

Reduce and reuse

We're making it easier to recycle your waste in Westminster but your efforts don't have to end there. There are so many ways to reduce the amount of waste produced in the first place or even reuse items you might otherwise throw away.

Like many organisations we try to adhere to the waste hierarchy. This means preventing waste is preferable to recycling and burning for energy is preferable to landfill.

1. Tips for reducing and reusing

You can  save £50 a month by following these suggestions to help reduce your food waste.

Westminster's freecycle group is a great way to give away or obtain items for free.

Sell things on eBay or give items to charity so someone else can use them.

2. Furniture reuse

Furniture can't be recycled in Westminster but there are ways you can keep it out of landfill. This helps the environment and lets someone else use it.

Several ways to keep your furniture in use include:

  • the bulky waste collection service which collects furniture in good condition in Westminster for refurbishment and reuse (furniture in poor condition will be sent to landfill)
  • giving furniture away online using resources like freecycle or freegle
  • making use of Furnish, an organisation which collects furniture from within Westminster and makes it available to other local residents. 

3. Reusable nappies

There are two basic types of 'real' (reusable) nappy. These are:

  • two-part nappies which consist of a nappy part and a waterproof wrap
  • all-in-one nappies in which the inner nappy and the outer waterproof are combined

Real nappy companies offer trial packs. With a small investment parents can become experts in days.


  • save up to £600 per child by using real nappies rather than buying disposable nappies.
  • save an additional £48 towards a nappy-washing service by claiming back from Westminster City Council. Please email the team on: for further information.
  • make the transition to dry pants and dry nights quicker and easier, as real nappies help babies learn to hold their bladder.
  • eight million nappies are thrown away every day in the UK and they take hundreds of years to disintegrate.
  • real nappies can be washed in a normal washing machine - no boiling or scrubbing necessary.

Host a "Nappuccino"

A Nappuccino is a free event where expectant or new mums can gather for a coffee and a presentation of the benefits of real nappies. A Nappy Ever After Advisor, who has used real nappies themselves, will give a demonstration on how to use the best real nappies on the market. All of the nappies have been tried and tested.

During the demo, questions can be asked, and tailored kits can be purchased from the advisor. Discounts and freebies are available on kit purchases. There is no hard sell and no obligation to buy.

Contact Nappy Ever After by emailing: if you'd like more information about Nappuccinos.

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Last updated: 14 October 2019