Quietway Route from Sloane Square to Belgravia

Westminster City Council, in partnership with Transport for London and other local authorities, is supporting the delivery of the proposed Central London Cycle Grid. The Central London Cycle Grid is being funded by the Mayor of London's Vision for Cycling, a 10-year plan to deliver cycling improvements across London, including delivering a set of connected routes for people to cycle across central London, comprising a network of Quietways and Cycle Superhighway routes.

About this route

In Summer 2015, we consulted on a project which aims to improve provision for cycling on streets along a proposed Quietway cycle route between Sloane Square and Belgravia. It will benefit all people who want to cycle in the area, particularly those wishing to avoid some of the busier, highly trafficked main roads in the area. Facilities for pedestrians will also be improved as part of the scheme. This consultation closed on 24 July 2015.

The section of this route consulted on within the City of Westminster is approximately 800 metres in length. The streets affected by these proposals are Holbein Place, Graham Terrace, Eaton Terrace, and Ebury Street. The route will terminate at the junction with Eccleston Street. There are aspirations to extend this Quietway after 2016 towards Victoria Station.

What we are proposing

Along Holbein Place, which is currently one-way southbound, we are proposing to enable two-way cycling, by providing a contraflow cycle lane between Holbein Mews and Graham Terrace. This measure is intended to provide a comfortable connection for cycling, protected from oncoming general traffic. It is proposed to relocate seven parking bays from the western kerbside to the eastern kerbside in order to achieve this.

Along Graham Terrace, two-way cycling is proposed between Bourne Street and Eaton Terrace by the provision of a contraflow cycle facility. Three parking bays are proposed for relocation from Graham Terrace to Bourne Street in order to enable this connection for cycling. 

At the junction of Semley Place and Ebury Street, an update of the road layout is proposed to provide a more comfortable crossing of the junction for cycling and for walking. This redesign includes a new raised crossing point for pedestrians at the exit of Victoria Coach Station.

Along Ebury Street, we are proposing to widen the existing contraflow cycle lane and rationalise existing road markings.

There are aspirations to extend this Quietway after 2016 towards Victoria Station.

These proposals can be seen by clicking on the map below. Plans showing proposed changes along this route can be viewed by clicking on the relevant streets.

Last updated: 19 June 2018