Quietway route from Green Park to Marylebone

Westminster City Council, in partnership with Transport for London and other local authorities, is supporting the delivery of a proposed Central London Cycle Grid. This Cycle Grid is being funded under the Mayor of London's Vision for Cycling, a 10-year plan delivering cycling improvements across London. The plan includes a network of Quietways and Cycle Superhighway routes, providing connected ways for cycling across central London.

This project aims to improve provision for cycling on streets along a proposed route between Green Park and Marylebone. It will benefit all people who want to cycle in the area, particularly those wishing to avoid some of the busier, highly trafficked main roads. Improvements to pedestrian facilities have also been proposed as part of the scheme. 

The section of this route consulted on within the City of Westminster is approximately 2km in length. The streets affected by these proposals are:

  • Piccadilly
  • Stratton Street 
  • Mayfair Place 
  • Berkeley Street 
  • Berkeley Square 
  • Davies Street 
  • Brook Street 
  • New Bond Street 
  • Grosvenor Square 
  • Duke Street 

This proposed route will intersect with other proposed cycle routes north of Oxford Street. To the south, a link is proposed to The Mall via Queen’s Walk in Green Park; this will be consulted on at a later date by The Royal Parks Agency.

Proposed intervention measures

The proposed route will run through high-profile retail and residential areas in central London. A variety of interventions, including public realm improvements, are proposed to improve the experience for cyclists and pedestrians in these areas.  

To enable cyclists to cross Piccadilly from Green Park, a new signalised cycle crossing and a two-way segregated cycle facility are proposed. This improvement is dependent on The Royal Parks Agency allowing cycling along Queen’s Walk in Green Park. There is also two proposals to create new signalised pedestrian crossings are also proposed on Piccadilly at both Bolton Street and Berkeley Street. The left-turn from Bolton Street onto Piccadilly is proposed to be prohibited.

In Stratton Street, a contraflow cycle lane is proposed between Piccadilly and Mayfair Place to enable two-way cycling.

In Mayfair Place, Stratton Street and Berkeley Street, cycle symbols are proposed on the road to help direct cyclists along the route. Cyclists will be travelling with the general flow of traffic.

At the junction of Berkeley Street and Hay Hill, additional pedestrian crossings are proposed to help people cross the road. A new traffic island and Advanced Stop Lines are also proposed to help cyclists.

Cyclists will follow the direction of general traffic around Berkeley Square. A segregated cycle facility is proposed on the southern side to help cyclists across the junction with Fitzmaurice Place and Charles Street. Changes to the parking bay layouts are also proposed at the southern end of Berkeley Square to facilitate these proposals. On the eastern and western sides of Berkeley Square, cycle lanes are proposed to assist cyclists. We intend to relocate the existing zebra crossing to south of Hill Street to align it with the entrance of Berkeley Square.

To help support this cycle project and other public realm improvements, Davies Street and Brook Street will be returned to two-way flow for all traffic. Cycle wayfinding symbols are proposed on the road to help direct cyclists along the route. Alterations to car parking spaces and taxi bays are proposed to enable two-way traffic working and to help smooth the flow of traffic along these streets.

At the junction of Davies Street and Grosvenor Street and at the junction of Davies Street and Brook Street, we are proposing to introduce Advanced Stop Lines to help cyclists. New signalised pedestrian crossings will also be installed at both these junctions.

Northbound cyclists will continue west along Brook Street, turning right into Duke Street. The north-western corner of Grosvenor Square will be redesigned to accommodate this movement. Cycle wayfinding symbols are proposed on Duke Street to help direct cyclists along this route.

Southbound Cyclists from Marylebone will cross Oxford Street and will use New Bond Street before turning right into Brook Street. This proposal will be co-ordinated with a future public realm scheme along New Bond Street.  


This consultation closed on Friday 19 February 2016.

Last updated: 19 June 2018