Quietway route from Bayswater Road to Edgware Road

Westminster City Council, in partnership with Transport for London and other local authorities, is supporting the delivery of a proposed Central London Cycle Grid. This cycle grid is being funded under the Mayor of London's Vision for Cycling, a 10-year plan delivering cycling improvements across London. The plan includes a network of quietways and cycle superhighway routes, providing connected ways for cycling across central London.

This project aims to improve provision for cycling on streets along a proposed quietway route between Bayswater and Edgware Road. It will benefit all people who want to cycle in the area, particularly those wishing to avoid some of the busier, highly trafficked main roads. Improvements to pedestrian facilities have also been proposed as part of the scheme.

The section of this route consulted on within the City of Westminster is approximately 3km in length. The streets affected by these proposals are:

  • Bayswater Road
  • Ossington Street
  • Palace Court
  • Moscow Road
  • Hereford Road
  • Prince’s Square
  • Kensington Gardens Square
  • Porchester Gardens
  • Porchester Terrace
  • Craven Hill Gardens
  • Craven Hill
  • Craven Road
  • Westbourne Terrace
  • Sussex Gardens
  • Norfolk Crescent
  • Burwood Place

This quietway will intersect with the proposed East-West cycle superhighway at Westbourne Terrace and proposals are being coordinated. To the west, this quietway will extend into the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC), and proposals are currently being consulted on by RBKC - view their proposals. To the east, this quietway will connect to a complementary cycle route from Edgware Road to Fitzrovia, which was consulted on in October 2015.

Proposed intervention measures

The design proposals for Bayswater Road, between its junctions with Kensington Palace Gardens and Palace Court are being undertaken by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Their proposal is to create shared-use footways on both the north and south footways connected by a new signal controlled toucan crossing. View the proposals at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Along Bayswater Road, Ossington Street, Palace Court, Moscow Road, Hereford Road, Prince’s Square, Kensington Gardens Square and Porchester Gardens, we are proposing to introduce wayfinding symbols on the road to help cyclists follow the route of this quietway.

In Porchester Gardens, at the junction with Queensway, we will coordinate proposals with those being developed as part of wider public realm improvements along Queensway. At the junction with Inverness Terrace, new advanced stop lines are proposed to help cyclists. In Porchester Terrace, we are proposing to introduce wayfinding symbols on the road to help cyclists follow the route of this quietway.

In Craven Hill Gardens, we are proposing to improve the existing cycle track through to Leinster Gardens by dropping the cycle track to road level and introducing dropped kerbs for pedestrians. In Craven Hill, we are proposing to introduce wayfinding symbols on the road to help cyclists follow the route of this quietway.   At the junction with Gloucester Terrace we are proposing to add three advanced stop lines. The design of the junction with Westbourne Terrace is being designed as part of the East-West cycle superhighway.

The quietway will follow the alignment of the East-West cycle superhighway along Westbourne Terrace from Craven Road to Sussex Gardens. Along Sussex Gardens, segregated cycle facilities are proposed on both sides of the street to provide comfortable cycling conditions consistent with provision along Westbourne Terrace. At the junction with London Street, new advanced stop lines are proposed. We are proposing to redesign the footway adjacent to two bus stops to accommodate space for cycling. At the junction of Sussex Gardens and Norfolk Crescent we are proposing to provide signal controlled pedestrian crossings.

In the one-way section of Norfolk Crescent, we are proposing to enable two-way cycling. This will involve the removal of the four residents’ parking bays; we are currently looking for alternative locations for these bays in the area. The design of the junction of Burwood Place, Edgware Road and Harrowby Street is being undertaken by Transport for London and is subject to a separate consultation. Find out more at Transport for London

This consultation closed on Friday 11 March 2016

Last updated: 19 June 2018