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Queen's Park Community Council

The Queen's Park Community Council was established on 25 June 2012. This decision was the culmination of the year long Westminster Community Governance Review

Under section 86 of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007, the City Council brings into effect the Review recommendations by making a Reorganisation of Community Governance Order.

The Queen’s Park Community Council will be the first parish council in London for nearly eighty years.

What the Community Council will do

The Queen's Park Community Council was created on 1 April 2014 with the election of parish councillors taking place in May 2014. Elections will take place every 4 years and be held at the same time as the council elections.

The general objectives of the Community Council, supported by the Queen's Park Campaign Group who have been instrumental in the process, include help for young and vulnerable people, the prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour, support for local business, as well as specific proposals including community events and the establishment of a Youth Council.

Queen's Park Community Council Register of Interests

 Councillor Alfrena Barbe

Councillor Brian Nicholas

​Councillor Eartha Pond

Councillor Emma Sweeney

Councillor Gill Fitzhugh

Councillor John McCardle

Councillor Leslie Barson

Councillor Orel Lawrence

Councillor Ray Lancashire

Councillor Ryan Dalton

Councillor Susanna Rustin

Councillor Stella Wilson

If you wish to inspect the documents please contact Reuben Segal, Head of Committee and Governance Services:

Telelphone: 020 7641 3160


Last updated: 14 August 2019