Property viewings

We normally invite the five bidders with the highest priority and points to view each property.

1. Viewing a property

Council properties

Viewings for council properties are usually on the Tuesday following the property advert. If we shortlist you we will contact you on Monday (the day after the bidding closes) to invite you to view the next day. If you bid for a council property please make sure you are available to view it the following Tuesday.

Housing association properties

With housing association homes the viewing days can vary and you will usually be given longer notice of the viewing date. The housing association will contact you directly to invite you to view the property.

2. What to do if you're not shortlisted

Sometimes you might be in the top five bidders but it might not be appropriate to for us to shortlist you. For example, we would not normally allow someone with a history of anti-social behaviour to view a property in a block where a lot of older people live.

Housing associations often have their own rules on the number of people who can live in their properties. In certain circumstances, we may not shortlist you for a housing association property if there are too many people in your household. Find out more about HA bedroom standards.

If you are not in the top five bidders, we will not contact you directly to let you know. You can check your position on the shortlist by visiting the Home Connections website and following these instructions:

  • click on 'I'm already registered' and enter your PIN and User ID
  • go to 'previous bids' and select 'show all' on the drop down menu then click 'Go'
  • look on the far right hand column entitled 'Your bid came' - this tells you the final position of your bid

3. What happens after you view a property?

Usually, you don't have to accept the property at the viewing stage. Please tell the officer at the viewing if you are no longer interested.

We normally offer the property to the bidder in the highest band with the most points. If they are no longer interested it will be offered to the bidder in second place and so on.

If a housing co-op or tenant management organisation manages the property they will interview the bidders after the viewing and will decide which of them to offer it to. There is no guarantee they will offer it to the bidder with the highest priority.

  • if you are unsuccessful, you will be able to carry on bidding
  • if you are successful, you will be expected to move to your new home quickly

Council accommodation

If your bid is successful we will normally expect you to move in the following Monday. This means that you may only have a few days in which to organise your move. Please be prepared for this.

Housing association accommodation

The housing association will tell you when the tenancy is due to start. They may give you more time to move, but this is still likely to be within 2 weeks. Your tenancy will still start on a Monday.

Stored goods, transport and furniture

If we have some of your belongings in storage, you will need to arrange for these to be delivered to your new home. Contact the Housing Options Service (HOS) to arrange this and please remember our removals company usually needs at least two days notice to arrange a delivery.

Telephone: 020 7641 1000 

All permanent flats are unfurnished. This means that you will need to find your own furniture, cooker and fridge when you move in. You can't take items from your temporary accommodation with you.

If you are a homeless applicant, we can refer you to a charitable organisation called Furnish, that will provide you with the items you need to get started in your new flat at discounted rates.

Please contact the Choice and Lettings team at HOS for a referral. You will need to provide a copy of your new tenancy agreement and will be given a referral form to take to Furnish's office.

Download the Furnish information pack.

Last updated: 24 February 2016
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