Private forecourts

A temporary licence is not required for a private forecourt adjacent to a shop, provided that sales are part of the business and take place during opening hours.

To see the legislation on this, please refer to the City of Westminster Act 1999.

Please note:

  • a shop does not include premises like restaurants or pubs
  • it is the premises owner's responsibility to prove that the land is a private forecourt; normally a land registry document will be submitted and checked by the council
  • if part of the highway is being used in addition to a private forecourt then a land registry document must be submitted with the licence application

Currently, the council does not consider applications for a temporary licence where the applicant proposes to place the tables and chairs solely on a private forecourt even where the business is not a 'shop'. If the council's approach in this regard does change, then a temporary licence maybe required. 

Last updated: 26 February 2016
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