Playground inspections and maintenance

We are responsible for maintaining the playgrounds at the following open spaces:

  • Broadley Street Gardens
  • Causton Street Playground
  • Drury Lane Gardens Playground
  • Edbrook Road Playground
  • Lisson Gardens Playground
  • New Trinity Mew Playground
  • Paddington Recreation Ground (maintained by Sports and Leisure)
  • Paddington Street Gardens Playground
  • Porchester Square Gardens Playground
  • Queens Park Gardens Playground
  • St. Johns Wood Church Grounds Playground
  • St. Mary's Churchyard Playground
  • St. Stephens Garden Playground
  • Tamplin Mews POS Playground
  • Violet Hill Gardens Playground
  • Westbourne Green Playground


There are different types of playground inspections and maintenance works that are carried out:

  • daily - this inspection is a visual check to ensure equipment is safe to use and is carried out by our grounds maintenance contractor
  • quarterly (July, September, December and March) - this inspection is detailed and in-depth, it doesn't include risk assessment and inspections are carried out by an independent registered inspector
  • annual (April or May) - this inspection is detailed and in-depth, including risk assessment, and is carried out by an independent registered inspector

All playground reported accidents are assessed in relation to the equipment being used. Precautionary closures could occur until the site has been inspected and declared it fit for use.

Repairs and maintenance

Once inspections have been carried out, a list of defects is sent to our grounds maintenance contractor with an instruction to arrange for any repairs.

Equipment that requires repair is isolated using temporary fencing with notices attached stating that the equipment is defective and awaiting repair.

There may be occasions when it is impractical to isolate a single piece of equipment and the entire playground will need to be closed. If this happens, notices will be placed on the fencing and entry gates advising the users of this and stating the reasons for the closure and the likely timetable for repair or replacement.

Renewal and refurbishment

We have an program of both renewal of equipment or complete refurbishment where this proves to be necessary.

Renewal of individual items

This happens when it is deemed cheaper to renew than repair the equipment. It will be carried out without consultation with users. The new equipment will be provided on a like-for-like basis using similar and updated equipment.

Refurbishment of playground

This happens when it becomes necessary to refurbish a playground in its entirety. We will carry out a consultation with users, Council Ward Members and other interested parties on the proposals. The results of the consultation will guide the development of layout plans and final designs for the refurbishment of the playground. A timetable for the works will be published at the site.

Report an issue

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Last updated: 1 August 2017