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Planning guidance to support policies

These guides contain generic, topic, and site-specific guidance to further explain how our planning policies will be applied.

Published on: 22 December 2020

Last updated: 21 May 2021

These documents give guidance to the public, applicants and developers when making planning applications. 

In some cases, they may set out how policies apply to a particular site.  

You can find Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) and Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPGs) to further explain the implementation of adopted planning policies. 

These do not have the same status as the policies within the Westminster's Development Plan.

Please note the guidance below refers to policies which predate the extant policy framework (consisting of Westminster’s City Plan 2016 and saved UDP policies). The City Plan 2019-2040 was adopted in 21 April 2021.

The council is therefore currently preparing new guidance to support the new City Plan 2019-2040, as set out in our Local Development Scheme.

Prior to the adoption of updated Supplementary Planning Documents, the guidance below may continue to be a material consideration in the Development Management process wherever relevant and consistent with our adopted policy framework. This guidance should be read alongside our adopted policy as well as the most up to date national advice set out in Planning Practice Guidance, the National Design Guide and Historic England Guidance.


Advertisement Design Guidelines SPG (1992)

Architectural Theft SPG (1991)

Basement development in Westminster SPD (2014)

Chinatown SPG (2009)

Design Matters in Westminster SPG (2001)

Designing Out Crime in Westminster SPG (1997)

Development and Demolition in Conservation Areas SPG (1996)

Food and Drink premises SPG (1999)

Historic Parks and Gardens in Westminster SPG (1996)

Inclusive Design and Access SPG (2007)

Lighting Up the City SPG (1993)

Mews: A guide to alterations SPG (1992)

Open Space Strategy SPD (2007)

Public Art in Westminster SPG (1992)

Public Realm Credits SPD (2011)

Queens Park Estate Design Guide SPG (1995)

Railings in Westminster (1997)

Repairs and Alterations to Listed Buildings SPG (1996)

Retrofitting Historic Buildings for Sustainability - guide (2013)

Roofs: A Guide to Alterations and Extensions on Domestic Buildings SPG (1995)

Shopfronts, Blinds and Signs SPG (1990)

Stucco: A guide to care and maintenance (1994)

Design Guidelines for Shopfront Security SPG (1994)

Statues and Monuments SPD (2008) 

Tables and Chairs on the Highway SPG (2005)

Trees and the Public Realm: A Strategy for Westminster SPD (2011)

Westminster Way: Public Realm Strategy SPD

For further helpful advice, you can also view the householder and other guides to planning matters.