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Custom and self-build register

Register with us to help us assess the demand for this type of housing.

Published: 23 December 2020

Last updated: 21 January 2021

The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 places a duty upon all local councils to maintain a register of individuals, and associations of individuals, who are seeking to acquire serviced plots of land in their area in order to build homes for their occupation. 

Registering on Westminster’s custom and self-build register is intended to help the council assess demand for this type of housing locally and inform its work on shaping future housing policy for the city.  

Westminster's register

Our custom and self-build register is divided into 2 parts:  

  • part 1 reflects local demand for custom and self-build

  • part 2 keeps track of wider demand for custom and self-build


We directly manage our custom and self-build register, therefore registration on any other list is not recognised and will not carry any weight. 

To enter the register please download our custom and self-build register application form.

Please ensure you: 

  • read the details on eligibility requirements 
  • know what documents are accepted as proof of meeting these requirements 
  • pay the correct fee which is found in the application form - associations will need to pay a fee for each member they wish to include in their entry
  • review the frequently asked questions
Custom self-build FAQs
Custom self-build FAQs PDF, 401.6 KB, 6 pages

Please return the completed form by email [email protected] 

Alternatively, you can post it to us at: 

Custom and self-build register
Policy and Projects Team
Innovation and Change
17th Floor
64 Victoria Street
London SW1E 6QP 

What is self-build and custom build? 

Although the Act does not distinguish between self-build and custom house building, they have been defined below for reference.

Self-build projects 

These are defined as those where someone directly organises the design and construction of their own home.  

This covers a wide range of projects from a traditional DIY self-build home to projects where the self-builder employs someone to build their home for them.  

Community-led projects can also be defined as self-build.   

Custom build homes  

Where an individual or group works with a specialist developer to help deliver their homes.  

The developer may help to find a plot, manage the construction and arrange the finance for the project.  

Our duty

We must have regard to both parts of the register when carrying out our planning, housing, land disposal and regeneration functions.  

This means we have a duty to take into account the total number of entries on the register (ie part 1 and part 2) when drafting planning policy documents (eg the City Plan), developing plans for regeneration or deciding to sell council owned land.   

We must grant sufficient development permissions for serviced plots of land suitable for custom or self-build projects to meet demand from part 1 of the register only.   

This does not mean entry on the register guarantees individual permission being granted however, as all application are determined based on their compliance with the development plan and other material considerations. 

Our decision to replace its original register with a two-part register following new regulations. 

For further information and enquiries please email us at [email protected].