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Considerate Nightly Letting Charter

Find out information and laws around the short-term letting of your home.

Nightly Letting gives homeowners the opportunity to make extra money by letting their homes to tourists and business travellers for a few nights or weeks each year.

Homeowners who choose to do so must comply with our short-term letting regulations and should do all they can ensure that the letting does not cause any inconvenience to neighbours or disruption to the neighbourhood due to, for example, loud noise or wrongly disposing of rubbish.

Considerate nightly let charter PDF, 552.72 KB, 5 pages

To help homeowners tackle potential problems of nightly letting, we have published, in partnership with the Short-Term Accommodation Association (STAA) - whose members include Airbnb, UndertheDoormat and HomeAway - a Considerate Nightly Letting Charter.

It explains all the planning and environmental laws that must be followed and how everyone involved in nightly letting (including landlords and building owners) can make sure they are being considerate to their neighbours by following a few simple best practice steps.

Letting advice

We advise you to check whether there are any restrictions in your leases, tenancies, insurance or type of mortgage that would prevent you letting out your property to somebody else. All tenants should speak to their landlord before letting.

Ensuring the fire safety of your guests is extremely important.

Fire safety: guidance for the hospitality industry at GOV.UK

Published: 17 December 2020

Last updated: 20 January 2021