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Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Fund

These pages explain the Neighbourhood CIL, what it can be spent on, and how you can access funds for your projects.

Published on: 18 February 2021

Last updated: 2 July 2021

How much Neighbourhood CIL is available in Westminster?

Westminster is divided into 21 neighbourhood areas. They have undergone a statutory designation process and do not necessarily correspond with the council’s ward boundaries. At present, 15 of the 21 neighbourhood areas have designated neighbourhood forums. These are bodies which represent the local community and are tasked with preparing neighbourhood plans and looking after the local Neighbourhood CIL budget. View the CIL areas:

Neighbourhood CIL area map PDF, 191.85 KB, 1 page

Queen’s Park Community Council has special status as a de facto Parish Council for the purposes of the CIL Regulations. This means that Neighbourhood CIL is passed directly to the Community Council, who are obliged to report to WCC on its spending on an annual basis.

The following areas do not have neighbourhood forums, but are still designated as neighbourhood areas that can apply for funding:

  • Bayswater
  • Little Venice and Maida Vale
  • South East Bayswater
  • Ebury Bridge
  • Churchill Gardens Estate

There are also parts of the city not covered by a designated neighbourhood area, but which continue to collect neighbourhood CIL.

Details about how Neighbourhood CIL is calculated can be found in the CIL Spending Policy Statement.


The current Neighbourhood CIL Balances are set out in the table below.

Neighbourhood Area  Collected Allocations Available
Queens Park  £2,097.74   £2,097.74
Notting Hill East  £12,400.07 £10,000.00 £2,400.07
Bayswater  £510,674.53 £169,579.00 £341,095.53
Little Venice and Maida Vale £1,599,059.40 £215,621.00 £1,383,438.40
Belgravia  £690,640.98 £74,000.00 £616,520.98
Church Street  £606,692.64   £606,692.64
Churchill Gardens Estate  £0.00   £0.00
Ebury Bridge  £0.00   £0.00
Fitzrovia West  £537,373.13 £152,000.00 £385,373.13
Hyde Park and Paddington  £1,096,806.34 £557,000 £539,806.34
Knightsbridge  £67,821.88 £20,000.00 £47,821.88
Maida Hill  £32,590.59   £32,590.59
Marylebone  £1,777,743.63 £245,125.00 £1,532,618.63
Mayfair  £1,703,529.01 £161,003.00 £1,542,526.01
Pimlico  £88,847.38   £88,847.38
Soho  £375,591.38 £40,700.00 £334,891.38
South East Bayswater  £744,258.64   £744,258.64
St James's  £76,818.15   £76,818.15
St John's Wood  £1,531,660.79   £1,531,660.79
Victoria  £504,389.73 £30,000 £474,389.73
Westbourne  £182,873.32   £182,873.32
Outside Neighbourhood Areas  £2,005,139.02 £145,000.00 £1,869,139.02

*Queens Park CIL is transferred to the Queens Park Community Council on a regular basis.