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Code of Construction Practice

Westminster's Code of Construction Practice (CoCP) applies to all basement and major development sites across the borough

Published on: 18 January 2021

Last updated: 9 April 2021

When it applies

The code classifies developments according to their size with different obligations and fees payable depending on the size of project.

The code requires the largest strategic schemes (‘Level 1’) and other major schemes (‘Level 2’) broadly all new build residential projects over 10 units or other floorspace exceeding 1000m2, as well as all basements to sign up to the Code of Construction Practice.

This will ensure that sites:

  • will be inspected and monitored by the council’s Code of Construction Practice Team
  • undertake community liaison, informing neighbours about key stages of the development and giving contact details for site personnel
  •  pay the charges arising from site inspections and monitoring (smaller sites will not pay fees, but are expected to take into account the good practice measures set out in the code)
  • ensure that contractors and sub-contractors also comply with the code requirements

When submitting draft or formal copies of the Appendix A checklist to either the Planning or Environmental Sciences teams, please complete one the below checklists:

You will need approval from the Environmental Sciences team before applying to discharge the condition on your planning permission.