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Building control applications

You can apply online for full plans, building notice or regularisation.

Published on: 9 December 2020

Last updated: 11 March 2021

Full Plans, Building notice, and Regularisation applications 

You must include a clear description of the work you are proposing to carry out, a full set of plans and any other supporting documents.

There is a 20MB file size limit for document uploads in total. If your documents exceed this, or if you need any other assistance with the application, contact [email protected] or call us on 020 7641 6500

The application website is provided by our partners Idox PLC.

When your application has been received, we’ll email you to let you know what you’ll need to pay as well as your reference number to make payment.

Apply by post or email

To apply by post or email (addresses found at the bottom of the form) please download, complete, and send the relevant form.

We aim to contact you in 5 weeks with a decision, but it may take longer. If you provide sufficient details on your application, the process can be quicker.

For advice or assistance before applying, contact us to get a consultation with a building control surveyor.

Full Plans application


This application must be made when there is a proposal to carry out building works to:

  • a building which is not a single-family dwelling house
  • erect a building fronting a private street
  • construct over or within 3 metres of a public sewer
  • any works requiring consultation with the Fire Authority (RRO)

The change to extend the types of property needing a Full Plans application is the result of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO). This requires plans of building work for most buildings to be sent to the Fire Authority for formal consultation.


The advantages include:

  • greater certainty of the final building costs
  • having your plans checked by our surveyors and approved as complying with the building regulations
  • receiving a set of approved plans and near immunity from enforcement action if you build in accordance with those plans

Building notice


If your building work does not affect the layout of the building and is not affected by the RRO, you can submit a building notice instead of a full plans application.

As plans are not formally approved, our surveyors will check the regulations at site inspections, however, you lose the assurance of building in accordance with approved plans and there may be delays to your project if work is found not to comply.

You are required to provide the plans if we decide we need them to determine if the work complies with the building regulations. This will always be the case where a change in layout of any building is proposed. We will attempt to comment on your drawings in the same timescales as for full plans applications.

Regularisation application


Where unauthorised work has been completed the building owner may apply for a certificate to regularise the work.

Accompanying your application, you should include details of the work undertaken.

When your application has been received, we’ll email you to let you know what you’ll need to pay as well as your reference number to make payment.

We may ask for any concealed work to be exposed for our inspection and require further work to be carried out to comply with the regulations before we can issue a certificate.