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ParkRight app: find parking and pay to park in Westminster

The ParkRight app is being decommissioned from 1 November 2020. From this date, those wishing to pay-to-park in Westminster will need to do so via the RingGo service. 

Until 1 November 2020, you can use the ParkRight app to search for available parking spaces in Westminster and to pay to park. Read on to find out how to download the free app, find a space and pay for your parking.

Using the ParkRight app

The free ParkRight app provides you with real-time information from sensors in over 3,000 pay-to-park and blue badge disabled bays in the West End and the location of 41,000 spaces, helping you to find an empty space and pay to park as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Features include:

  • pay for parking and manage your parking sessions
  • real-time parking status - availability likelihood: red (low), amber (medium) and green (high)
  • locations of parking spaces on-street and in car parks
  • filter parking spaces by pay-to-park, blue badge disabled, residential, loading, taxi, motorcycle and more
  • interacts with your sat nav to direct you to the parking space
  • detailed information including number of spaces, operating hours and tariffs 

How to get started

Download the app from:

With a ParkRight app account you can:

  • extend your parking session
  • pre-pay for your parking from 6.30pm the previous day (pre-paid sessions start at 8.30am)
  • set up free reminders
  • add or remove vehicles
  • manage and update your payment card details
  • access your transactions and request a receipt
  • access online help


The ParkRight app is free to download and use, and there are no service charges for setting up or extending a parking session.

A minimum purchase of 10 minutes' parking time has applied for all pay to park transactions since April 2017. Changes to parking fees and charges


Once you've set up an account you can choose to have receipts sent to you by email.


Please remember to use the ParkRight app safely; check for spaces before you leave, use a hands-free kit or pull over where safe and legal to do so, turning off the engine. 

Last updated: 23 September 2020