Oxford St consultation report – update

Mon, 19/03/2018

This is an update regarding the second and most recent Oxford Street consultation that ran from 6 November 2017 and closed on 3 January 2018. No decision has been taken, or will be taken, on whether to proceed with any scheme, until the council and Transport for London has looked in detail at every issue raised and this will take some time to complete.

It has also come to our attention that a number of submissions received in the second Oxford Sreet consultation were sent to an incorrect e-mail address that was published, by error, on the formal TfL consultation web page as one method of submitting a response. Transport for London and Westminster City Council apologise unreservedly for this. 

In light of this issue coming to our attention, the Oxford Street consultation report has been taken down from the TfL website. Those who had submitted responses to the incorrect email address, due to the error on the consultation website, can resubmit their response by Friday, 6 April, to consultations@tfl.gov.uk.

The first consultation last year made it clear that 43% of those that responded supported transformation, a further 19% were in support but had concerns and 30% weren’t in favour. Westminster City Council and TfL will now take the time necessary to consider the thousands of responses that have been sent in to the second consultation.  The council understands that many local residents and businesses have significant concerns about the proposals and the council wants to offer reassurance that no scheme will be progressed until those concerns have been addressed. Whilst the media has reported broader support, the council acknowledges that the majority of Westminster residents who responded to the consultation were against the proposals.

In December 2017, the council published its Oxford Street pledges, safeguards that will be incorporated into any plans before they proceed. These pledges have been shared with the Mayor and Transport for London and they remain non-negotiable in the implementation of any future scheme. 

No formal decisions will be taken by Westminster City Council on whether, or how, to proceed with the transformation of Oxford Street until the consultation responses have been fully considered, as part of a robust decision making process. We will continue to make every effort to ensure that residents are kept fully informed at every stage of this process.

Westminster City Council’s Oxford St pledges

1. We will ensure pollution levels will reduce across the district

How we will deliver this for you:

As well as initiatives such as the Ultra-Low Emission Zone for central London, only 2 bus routes, using the greenest vehicles, would run through the district, a reduction of almost 100 buses an hour running at peak times. We are monitoring air quality at 100 sites across the West End.

2. We will ensure traffic won't rat run down narrow residential roads

How we will deliver this for you:

We will carefully design the scheme to avoid creating congestion elsewhere. TfL is investing in advanced traffic signal technology to allow them to better manage traffic depending on differing conditions at any given time, and we are working to improve road user information so people can make informed journey choices before they travel.

3. We will ensure that pedestrianised areas and surrounding streets will be effectively managed at all times

How we will deliver this for you:

Uniformed officers will have the powers they need for effective enforcement to tackle unlicensed or anti-social activity, both day and night. Security, including anti-terrorism measures, will be well designed and proportionate and keep people safer.

4. We will make sure that Oxford Street must remain accessible to all

How we will deliver this for you:

The new Elizabeth Line will be step free and some new bus stops would be situated within one block of any traffic free section of Oxford Street and as close as possible to any pedestrianised area. We will also be looking at a new local mobility scheme along Oxford Street to further boost accessibility. Taxis would be able to drop off and collect passengers at the rear of some stores and on each of the side roads.

5. We will ensure deliveries will be properly controlled and not cause greater local inconvenience

How we will deliver this for you:

Recent surveys have shown that there are very few shops being serviced from the front via Oxford Street. Our plan is that the maximum distance to a loading bay would be no more than 50 metres. We would use all of our enforcement powers to make sure delivery rules will not be flouted.

6. We will make sure that night time traffic should not unduly increase disturbance

How we will deliver this for you:

Buses and taxis will be some of the quietest available so that noise levels throughout the area would largely stay unchanged or decrease for the most part with current plans. We would monitor noise across the district, making all data available, and develop mitigation measures, including changing the scheme, should that be required.

7. We will ensure there will be adequate, safe and quiet cycle routes through the area

How we will deliver this for you:

We are developing proposals for a high quality east-west cycle route to the north of Oxford Street. This network would complement new facilities coming to the area.

8. We will ensure resident parking bays will be protected

How we will deliver this for you:

Our plan is that there would be no impact on the amount of resident, disabled and motorcycle parking currently available.

Last updated: 23 March 2018
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