Have your say on green spaces and wildlife

The council is currently inviting comments and feedback on its new, draft strategy for open spaces and biodiversity.

Read the council's draft strategy for open spaces and biodiversity (PDF, 5MB)

The deadline is Wednesday 31 October 2018.

Email your replies to openspacesbiodiversity@westminster.gov.uk.

Your views on our living city

Westminster boasts a wealth of green assets – from parks and gardens to green infrastructure including living walls and roofs – and the council is proud to be custodian of some of the most recognisable open spaces in the country. The city also supports a rich and diverse range of wildlife, with scores of different insect, bird, animal and aquatic species represented.

This draft strategy sets out why we believe these assets are so valuable, recognising the myriad benefits they bring to Westminster as a place and as community, and setting out how we, with our partners, will seek to protect, promote, enhance and make the most of them.

We now welcome views from all interested stakeholders through this public consultation. We’re keen to spark an open discussion, with consultees free to focus on whichever areas and issues interest them most. However, as a starting point we’d invite people to consider:

  1. Our overall proposed approach – any suggestions, comments or refinements we should consider? Is there anything we have missed?
  2. The draft strategy places emphasis on the importance of partnership working and the collective efforts of various stakeholders. A selection of partner activities has been highlighted, but are there additional contributions that we should specifically recognise?
  3. Anything further that consultees would like to add, in relation to our approach, evidence base or identified priorities?

The deadline for responses to this consultation will be Sunday 28 September 2018. After this time, all responses will be reviewed in detail and a final version of the strategy will be developed for launch later in the year.

A limited number of paper copies can be made available if necessary, by special request to openspacesbiodiversity@westminster.gov.uk.

Last updated: 28 September 2018
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