Open Forum for residents

Through Open Forum we hope to exchange ideas and collaborate with residents, workers and community organisations to ensure we do not replicate the good work that is already taking place within the community. Open Forum offers:

  • 3 Open Forum meetings a year open to all hosted by the Leader of the Council, the first of which will take place in February 2016
  • an online community to take part in discussions and online meetings
  • a community knowledge bank that will map all consultation, local and niche council led meetings plus community led meetings and advertise them under the umbrella of Open Forum, to raise awareness of the many opportunities to get involved 

Visit Open Forum

Residents who would rather not take part online can still get involved in the face to face meetings and stay informed by writing to us at:

Open Forum
15th Floor
Westminster City Hall

Background: from Area Forums to Open Forum

In 2014 the community engagement team spent 6 weeks talking to residents in their local markets, libraries and sports centres to find out how residents wanted to get involved in their local area. We also encouraged members of the Area Forums to take part by inviting them via letter or email.

Residents informed us that they were most likely to attend a meeting either focused on a local issue that mattered to them, or to a meeting with a chance to meet the Leader and other senior figures in the council. Some residents also told us that evening meetings were not always suitable for their lifestyles, but they did want a convenient way to get involved.

Last updated: 5 October 2017