An open council

Westminster City Council believes the people we serve are best placed to hold us to account. Our residents are at the heart of what we do, they know about the quality of the services we provide, and how we meet the needs of the local area. As taxpayers, they have a right to know how we spend their money.

We are committed to releasing as much information as possible to the public about how we work:

The council

The council is a large organisation, delivering over two hundred and fifty services - from keeping the pavements clean and managing parking, to maintaining roads and running children’s centres. See how different areas of the council fit together

Executive pay

We believe that it is important to be open and transparent about what we pay our chief executive and senior officers. On this page you can view a document which sets out the pay and benefits the top 169 officers receive for the role they play in running the City of Westminster.

As part of our complex organisation, officers are collectively responsible for a budget of almost £1 billion and for the delivery of hundreds of services in the heart of London. Their efforts have helped us consistently levy the lowest or second lowest council tax in England since the current system of local taxation was introduced in 1993.

As an ambitious team, we are proud to have been endorsed by the Audit Commission as one of the most efficient and high performing councils in the country. We continue to believe that to employ the best people and get the best results for the many residents, businesses and visitors in our Living City, we must be prepared to pay competitive salaries.

If you have any questions about our executive pay, you can contact our media team on 020 7641 2259.

Council properties

We own and lease a range of properties across the city. View a list of the operational properties the council owns (i.e. non-housing properties) and a short description about what they are used for.

View children’s centres and schools in Westminster.

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Last updated: 9 September 2019