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Online library events for adults

We have an exciting programme of events and activities for adults online.

Regular events

Day  Activity Details
Last Tuesday of the month, 3pm to 4pm Pimlico Library's online book group

Pimlico Library's book group reads a variety of fiction and some biographies. Full details of the books they will be discussing each month are on Eventbrite.

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Wednesday, 3pm to 4pm  Virtual knitting club

Join our weekly virtual knitting club, led by library staff who are expert knitters. They'll inspire you to try a new knitting project or can help you when you get stuck.

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Wednesday, 4pm to 6.30pm Drama for elders

Join us online for this weekly workshop exploring drama, improvisation, storytelling and creative writing, especially for the over 60s.

Note: this event runs until Wednesday 20 January 2021.

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Thursday, 11am to midday English Speaking Club

Would you like to speak English with confidence? Then join our weekly session on Microsoft Teams.

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This club will not take place on 26 November or 3, 10 and 17 December.

Thursday, 2pm to 3pm Aloud in the Cloud shared reading group 

Aloud in the Cloud is a weekly shared reading group. Come along to hear us read aloud some of our favourite stories and poems. 

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Friday, 2.30pm to 3.30pm Westminster libraries online book group 

Join our weekly online book group where we discuss our Books of the Week. Full details of the books we will be discussing each week are on Eventbrite.

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Once a month, 6pm to 7pm (day of the week can change)

Westminster libraries online poetry group 

Join us, once a month, for a light and insightful discussion on some of the most celebrated works of poetry as well as brand new releases.

This virtual poetry reading group is free and is open to all. There's more information over on Eventbrite.

This group next meets: Monday 30 November and to commemorate this year's Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day, the group will touch upon some of the most revered poetry from the fallen soldiers as well as those that lived to tell their stories in person.

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Special events

English classes for Turkish speakers

  • Thursday 26 November, Thursday 3, 10 and 17 December
  • 10am to 11.30am

A new four-part weekly English class, especially Turkish for speakers. These online classes are for beginners.

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Methane, Mars and microbes? On the search for life on the Red Planet

  • Monday 30 November
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm

No other planet has received as much attention as Mars regarding alien life. Since the 1880s when marks, described as canals, on the surface of the red planet were first found, human imagination has run free and wild, leaving us some cultural masterpieces: World of the Worlds, Martian Chronicles, the Martian, Mars Attacks, Marvin the Martian… And nowadays we know that Mars contains all the ingredients for life: bioelements, energy, sources, and even water. So, the burning question is: is there life on Mars, or at least could life have existed on our neighbour planet?

The surface of Mars is covered with salt deposits (sulphates), which indicate in the past water bodies, such as a lakes and rivers, were present on the surface. On Earth, although quite scarce, there are sulphate-rich lakes.

Join us for this online talk with Mario Toubes-Rodrigo, Postdoctoral Research Assistant at The Open University, to hear what we have learned from these lakes, which could be the key to understand if the Martian methane could be of biological origin, and who are the key players on this process.

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How to get your voice heard and win

  • Tuesday 1 December
  • 12.30pm to 1.30pm 

Join us online for an interactive lunch and learn lecture to help keep you connected and confident while we’re still working from home. Find out how you can get your voice heard to help you win business in this strange, virtual world. You’ll learn how to handle yourself and speak up in remote meetings and interviews.

Hosted by Esther Stanhope, speaker, award winning author and personal impact expert. She has helped Hollywood stars, politicians and business execs radiate charisma. Esther’s practical tips will help you:

  • Speak with more confidence live and remotely
  • Look good and sound confident on camera and video calls
  • Win more business
  • Connect and share experiences
  • Meet like minded people who need a confidence boost to help their business

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The world of Isaac Newton with Toni Mount

  • Thursday 3 December 
  • 6pm to 7pm

Toni Mount answers - how did a Lincolnshire farm boy become one of the most influential scientists of all time?

For nine decades, Isaac Newton strode the world of science, becoming a colossus of experimentation, discovery and philosophy. This online talk gives a taster of a fascinating new biography exploring not only Newton’s world and his times but the earlier foundations for his breakthroughs in science and those people around him who influenced his work.

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Folklore of Underground London with Antony Clayton 

  • Tuesday 8 December
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Join us online for a glimpse into secret tunnels, abandoned stations and haunted lines running under our great city.

Antony Clayton, author of Subterranean City: Beneath the Streets of London, The Folklore of London and Secret Tunnels of England: Folklore & Fact presents an illustrated talk that will uncover some of the colourful folklore of underground London.

Enjoy legends of secret tunnels and passages, buried trains, the secret street hidden beneath a major department store and subterranean ghosts in tube stations.

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Dressed to Kill: The West End tailors who suited James Bond

  • Wednesday 9 December
  • 6.3pm to 7.30pm

Find out how James Bond got his style from the tailors of Westminster.

Producer Albert R ‘Cubby’ Broccoli once said of James Bond: ‘Regimes may rise and fall, lapels may widen or narrow, but ultimately he remains the old-fashioned suited hero.’

Since the release of Eon Production’s first Bond film, Dr No, in 1962, the character has been tailored by Anthony Sinclair (Sean Connery), Dimitrov ‘Dimi’ Major (George Lazenby), Cyril Castle, Angelo Vittuci and Douglas ‘Doug’ Hayward (Roger Moore), Benjamin Simon and Lambert Hofer (Timothy Dalton), Brioni (Pierce Brosnan) and Tom Ford (Daniel Craig), respectively.

This online talk will provide a fun tour of the London-based, Westminster tailors who suited James Bond, and discusses where they were based, who they were, and how they assisted in the creation of the image of the eponymous suited hero who endures today.

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Note to Boy with Sue Clark

  • Thursday 10 December
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Join us online to meet author, Sue Clark as reads from her debut novel and answers all your questions.

Sue Clark, debuts her new novel, Note to Boy, with a selected reading interspliced with musings and memoires of the Swinging Sixties. Note to Boy is a tale of faded fame and unlikely friendship. It tells of the mayhem that occurs when the worlds of an elderly, eccentric fashion diva and a downtrodden but wily teenager collide. She wants her celebrity life back. He just wants a life.

Former BBC scriptwriter, Sue is no stranger to comedy. Over the years she’s penned funny lines for many TV and radio stars, from Tracey Ullman and Lenny Henry to June Whitfield and David Jason.

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You've got this - a resilience webinar

  • Monday 14 December
  • 11.30am to 12.30pm

Become more agile at responding better to challenges in life. Take a step forward towards a more resilient and empowered life.

Join Selin and Teresa online for this webinar which is the prelude to a content-rich, impactful coaching programme enabling everyone to research and personalise all the vital components of what it takes to be resilient.

You will have an opportunity to understand how to begin their journey, connecting to our rich bank of internal resources.

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Art Deco New York - 42nd Street East to West 

  • Tuesday 15 December
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Stuck at home? Come along to this virtual tour of Art Deco New York with author, Anthony Robins.

In New York, Art Deco evolved through a series of Manhattan skyscrapers into the city’s chief architectural language. Today, New York’s Deco buildings survive as prized remnants of a distant yet modern past that still help define the city’s visual identity.

Come along to this in-depth illustrated tour of Midtown Manhattan’s major boulevard of Deco skyscrapers, showcasing some of the city’s most famous monuments.

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Plague with author Julie Anderson

  • Wednesday 16 December 
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Our guest, the author Julie Anderson, discusses her latest work - a Westminster thriller and crime novel, Plague , with particular reference to its setting.

The events in the book take place mainly in a small area around Whitehall and Westminster, yet the story ranges across different kinds of London, from a high rise council flat in Elephant and Castle, to the gentrified Victoriana of south London and a Georgian townhouse in Mayfair.

At times this London is airy and brilliant, at times claustrophobic and dark. From its high towers to the subterranean 'lost' river Tyburn, this novel could not take place anywhere else.

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Panoramic tour of Dubrovnik with Olga

  • Thursday 17 December
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Brighten up the December gloom with this tour of the most beautiful medieval city in Europe, with Olga Cuckovic, a licensed tour guide.

In recent years Croatia has rightly emerged as a popular tourist destination and the spectacular city of Dubrovnik is definitely a jewel in its crown and one of its most beloved locations.

In this beautifully illustrated talk, Olga is going to tell us about the fascinating history of the city that once was the center of the independent autocratic Republic of Ragusa, famous for its diplomacy and maritime affairs.

Join her panoramic tour of Dubrovnik and get to grasp the size of the walled city itself and abundance of historic and inspirational sites and monuments.

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