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Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Plan

The submission version of the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Plan was submitted by the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum to the council in February 2020. The statutory Regulation 16 consultation ran from 1 May 2020 to 10 July 2020. 

The Plan includes policies on a range of matters including culture and heritage, commercial activity, entertainment and the night-time economy, housing and the environment. If adopted, the Plan will become part of Westminster’s statutory Development Plan and will be used alongside the council’s own planning documents and the Mayor’s London Plan in determining planning applications in the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Area.  


The council has appointed Ms Jill Kingaby BSc (Econ) MSc MRTPI as independent examiner for the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Plan. 

The examiner is now considering the draft Plan and all submission documents, and all representations received. The examination into whether the draft Plan meets the ‘Basic Conditions’ has therefore now started and the examination documents are set out in the page below. 

Next steps 

The examiner will consider the representations made during the consultation period and determine whether the Plan meets the required statutory tests (’Basic Conditions’). The examiner’s report can recommend one of three main recommendations: (i) the Plan proceeds to referendum (ii) the Plan proceeds to referendum with modifications (iii) the Plan should not proceed to referendum. Before a Neighbourhood Plan can proceed to referendum, the council is required to set out its response to each of the examiner’s recommendations and publish a ‘Decision Statement’.  

Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum 

Find out more about the Forum by visiting their website.

Last updated: 12 January 2021