Notting Hill Carnival cleaning service

In August, the Carnival footprint covers 28 streets. The garden and basement cleaning service has been undertaken by the council for a number of years and is a free service offered to those residents who live within the footprint area. The service offers the free clearance of event litter only.

‘Event litter’ refers to waste items that directly relate to the Carnival, such as food packaging, food items, drinks cans and receptacles, and other related items that have been improperly discarded inside the boundaries of residential properties. However, the service does not cater for properties that have used their private land to trade, party, or entertain during Carnival.

When and where

Priority streets have been identified as those streets that have licensed stalls and sound systems. These will be cleared first, as these areas experience higher footfall and inevitably attract more litter.

The service typically commences on the Wednesday after the bank holiday and will continue until the end of the week. Please check against the list of streets included in the garden and basement cleaning sign-up form to see if your street is included and what the expected day of cleaning is for your street.

Residents need to sign up for the service to give permission for the council’s contractors to enter their land to carry out the removal of event litter.

 Find out if your street is eligible and register

Confined basement areas

Council contractors will clear all areas that are accessible via external steps on the day they visit. For health and safety reasons, they cannot climb down into basement areas that are closed or confined.

If you forget to sign up

Residents are reminded well in advance of the sign-up process to ensure that their property is added to the clean-up list before the window closes. The council allocates resources to this service for only a limited period of time after the close of Carnival. If residents have forgotten to sign up, they should contact the Environmental Action Line on 020 7641 2000 as soon as possible, but should be prepared for a potential delay in cleaning their property, especially if their street has already been visited.

What happens to the litter collected

Our contractors Veolia Environmental Ltd. sort and salvage as much recycling as possible from the litter created by this event. Last year there were an estimated 100,000 recyclable items, many of which were plastic bottles and cans.

Last updated: 26 July 2016
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