Notting Hill Carnival 2017

Notting Hill Carnival is a world-renowned event enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Londoners and visitors alike.

We realise carnival has a major impact on those who live and work in the area. This page provides essential information for our residents on everything from parking to the post-carnival clean-up. 

1. Resident information

The Notting Hill Carnival resident leaflet (PDF, 1.4MB) gives information and contact details for residents along the carnival route.

The Notting Hill Carnival is organised by the London Notting Hill Carnival Enterprises Trust Ltd (LNHCET), not Westminster City Council.

The council works with the event organisers, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the Metropolitan Police and other emergency services to facilitate the event and manage its impact.

The council recognises the impact carnival can have on residents living in the area and tries to minimise this by:

  • ensuring the event is organised as safely as reasonably possible with respect to street trading and sound systems
  • providing public toilets where possible
  • removing rubbish from the main carnival area overnight on Sunday and Monday, and to clean the entire area at the end of the event
The council doesn't provide hoarding for private premises along the carnival route. Residents may use their own hoarding on private properties if access to pavements and public highways isn't impacted.

The council would like to remind residents within the Notting Hill Carnival footprint to carry ID and proof of address during carnival weekend.

International events have led public agencies to consider any lessons we can learn and review plans to keep Notting Hill Carnival as safe as possible.

For the carnival to take place, a number of roads will be closed. This year, the closures have been supplemented by road barriers at key entry points to the route. This could lead to some congestion and we ask that you bear with the police who are working with us to ensure everyone’s safety.

We don't expect these measures to impact on people's enjoyment of carnival and thank residents, businesses and visitors for their continued support in keeping carnival safe.

2. Visitor information

For more information, visitors should go to:

For more information on travel disruption and advice, see the Transport for London website.

3. Garden and basement cleaning service

Some residents might be able have their front garden or basement cleaned of litter following the carnival.

Find out if your street is eligible and register for this service. We will accept applications until August 31 but any submissions after August 25 may cause a delay in cleaning your property.

This service is to clear carnival rubbish only and is not a deep clean.

You won't be eligible if trading or parties have taken place on your property.


4. Noise

Noise levels will be monitored by council officers. If levels are too loud, we will ask that the volume is turned down.

To make a noise complaint, please call the Environmental Action Line on 020 7641 2000.

All static sound systems operators must close down by 7pm and all music on the route will stop by 8.30pm - the planned closure of carnival.

5. Road closures

There will be road closures in the Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park areas over the bank holiday weekend. The road closures will also make traffic around the event areas busier than usual.

Because of a security review, police will again be maintaining the total Traffic Exclusion Zones overnight on the Sunday. The police can't give an exact time residents' vehicles will be allowed within the Traffic Exclusion zones on either night

The area must be safe for residents and those working on the clear up, including the roads being fully swept, before access is allowed. It's unlikely residents will be allowed access to their vehicles until the early hours of the morning on either day; you should only seek access at the road closure point closest to your property.

For more information, visit the Transport for London website

6. Parking

Non-residents are advised not to bring their vehicles into central London over the bank holiday weekend.

Many parking bays will be suspended over the carnival weekend; most of these will be residential parking bays. You can't park in suspended bays during the dates and times on the suspension notices.

To protect residents’ parking in the areas around the main carnival site and route, the council has applied for a Temporary Traffic Order to extend resident parking controls until midnight in some streets. View the streets affected (PDF, 11.3MB) (shown within the shaded area of the map).

Temporary signs will be put up the below streets with full details for drivers.

View our parking information leaflet (PDF, 420KB) for more information.

The following streets will be affected:

  • new addition: Artesian Road W2 (between Ledbury Road and Courtnell Street)
  • Aldridge Road Villas W11
  • Artesian Road W2 (between Northumberland Place and Chepstow Road)
  • Bridstow Place W2
  • Chepstow Road W2
  • Elgin Avenue W9 (between Harrow Road and Chippenham Road)
  • Great Western Road W9 and W11
  • Hereford Road W2
  • Kilburn Lane (between Chamberlayne Road and Banister Road in LB of Brent)
  • Leamington Road Villas W11
  • Ledbury Road W11 (between Westbourne Park Road and Westbourne Grove)
  • Shrewsbury Road W2 (between St Stephen’s Gardens and Talbot Road)
  • Sutherland Place W2 
  • St. Luke's Road W11 (between Tavistock Crescent and Westbourne Park Road)
  • St. Stephen's Gardens W2
  • Talbot Road W2 (between Ledbury Road and Hereford Place)
  • Tavistock Crescent W11
  • Tavistock Road W11 
  • Westbourne Grove W11 (between Ledbury Road and Chepstow Road)
  • Westbourne Park Road W11 and W2
  • Westbourne Park Villas W9 (between Westbourne Park Road and Porchester Road)
  • Woodfield Place W9
  • Woodfield Road W9
  • Moorhouse Road W2
  • Chippenham Road W9
  • Goldney Road W9
  • Walterton Road W9
  • Kildare Terrace W2
  • Courtnell Street W2
  • Needham Road W2

Last updated: 25 August 2017
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