Westminster noise strategy

Noise pollution is a significant problem in Westminster. The council receives over 17,000 noise complaints annually. 

Noise can have serious effects on the health of the city’s residents and it can also be very annoying.

The need to tackle noise problems and improve the sound environment in Westminster is identified as a key local priority in the Westminster City Plan 2006 - 2016. In response the city council made a commitment to develop a comprehensive noise strategy for Westminster.

The Westminster Noise Strategy

The draft Westminster Noise Strategy followed an consultation exercise  where residents, businesses and stakeholders were invited to provide detailed comments and suggestions. We have taken account of these views and we are now publishing the final Westminster Noise Strategy.

Copies of the Westminster Noise Strategy are available for inspection at Westminster’s libraries or you can download the file below.


Westminster Noise Strategy 2009 (1.82MB)
Noise Issues and Options Report (6.70MB)
SEA Environmental Report (442MB)
Consultation Report (71MB)

The Evidence Base

An expert panel, chaired by Professor Stephen Stansfeld, was established to provide advice on the development of the strategy. The strategy has also been informed by specially commissioned research, including:

The Westminster Noise Attitudes Survey 2008
The Westminster Noise Measurement Survey 2008
The Soho Noise Survey Reports 2008
The Westminster Open Spaces Noise Study 2008
The Westminster Aircraft Noise Study 2009

Last updated: 4 October 2018