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We’re there for you if you need help while out at night

Night Stars

There for you

Following the success of the Soho Angels pilot initiative, which was delivered in partnership with the LGBT Foundation, we’ve launched Night Stars as part of our new Night Safety campaign. This new service will be delivered across Westminster’s night time economy.

While out at night, anyone can find themselves in a vulnerable situation, needing a helping hand.

Night Stars are a team of volunteers, there to help you. Whether you need water, someone to talk to, or a safe place to sober up, our team of volunteers will be there for you in your time of need to make sure you get home safely.

Working in partnership with St John Ambulance and the Metropolitan Police, our Night Safety volunteers deliver medical aid at our Night Hub at St Anne's Church, Soho and prevent lengthy trips to A&E by providing effective and immediate care to those in need.

The Night Safety volunteers aim to make London’s nightlife safer for everyone. They provide a welcoming place for all and collaborate to ensure that Westminster’s nightlife remains a safe, inclusive and enjoyable experience for residents and visitors alike.

Get help on a night out

The Night Stars current operating area is:

  • Soho
  • China Town
  • Leicester Square
  • Piccadilly

The Night Stars and the Night Hub are currently operating on Friday nights, from 10pm to 5am, and will soon be operating on Saturdays.

How you can find us:

  • The Soho Night Hub is located at St Anne’s Church Hall, 55 Dean Street, London, W1D 6AF.
  • Call us on 020 7641 3344 if you or someone you know needs help during our operational hours.

If you use the what3words app you can find the Night Hub at: ///zealous.ticket.dining

We will soon be expanding to the Strand, Villiers Street, Embankment, Charing Cross Station and the surrounding area. More information on the Night Stars expanded operating area will be provided soon. 

If a business is a member of the Safer West End Business Partnership radio network that can use their radio to call the Night Hub directly when its open.

A member of the Night Stars team providing water to a visitor to Westminster

The Night Stars are recognizable at night due to their distinctive pink reflective vests. They operate in teams providing assistance and support to those in need or who are vulnerable due to intoxication. This can range from giving directions and handing out water or slippers, to assisting someone on the street who has lost or had their property stolen, or someone who has become vulnerable due to alcohol intoxication.

The Night Star volunteers work in partnership with St John Ambulance. St John Ambulance volunteers provide rapid on street medical support to the Night Stars teams either on foot or using our dedicated Emergency Ambulance. St John Ambulance volunteers also provide first aid and medical treatment or monitoring to service users within the Night Hub.

People outside looking up who are covered in a pink glow

We need your help

Can you spare one Friday or Saturday night a month to be a Night Star?

Volunteers provide a range of practical support, such as handing out water bottles, organising safe transport home, and helping people to report crime. Volunteers also offer emotional care to those who are vulnerable or distressed by listening and providing compassionate solutions.

Volunteer as a Night Star

Have questions about becoming a Night Star? Email the team at [email protected]

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and support your community. It helps you develop vital communication and teamwork skills to enhance your CV.

Interested in a career in psychology, social work, medicine or the emergency services? Your experience as a Night Star will cultivate instrumental skills, such as patience and resilience, which will assist you in achieving your future career goals.

Our volunteers are supported every step of the way. Through collaborating closely with police, ambulance and council staff, you’ll receive training from St Johns Ambulance and the Met Police to learn to care for those who are intoxicated, resolve conflicts and safeguard vulnerable people.


We’re hugely grateful to those Westminster businesses who are working with us to help keep people safe. We’ll be updating this page soon about how businesses can sign up to work with the Night Stars.

In partnership with

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