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Update on The Vision for Soho

Published: 24 February 2022

Cllr Matthew Green Cabinet Member for Business, Licensing and Planning said:

The Vision for Soho process is about giving the local community a full voice in shaping the area’s long-term future. Whilst we all want this important project to make good progress, it is in everyone’s best interests to get it right as this new vision will set the direction for Soho’s success for many years to come.


Given the substantial amount of feedback received following the third stage of the consultation, we need more time both to develop the final proposed designs and to deliver a final consultation process that gives Soho's communities as much time as possible to understand and respond to the proposed vision. As the pre-election period starts at the end of March, unfortunately this does not give us enough time to engage further in the way that the community deserves. That’s why it is necessary to postpone, for a short time, the publication of the proposed designs and the launch of the final consultation period until after May's local elections.


Whilst we appreciate that for some this may be frustrating, I’m also sure that many will acknowledge that it is necessary to allow us to develop the best vision for Soho, so that we can also then ensure everyone will have ample opportunity to have their say.


We’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone’s incredible contribution to date. To provide further transparency around this project, we are pleased to also be publishing the latest consultation report on our website so everyone can see what feedback we have been receiving.


We now look forward to continuing to work in partnership with the local community to deliver an inspiring vision for the future that enjoys widespread support and matches the ambition of the community.”

Read the latest consultation report here: 

Soho Vision Phase 3 update.pdf PDF, 4.65 MB, 45 pages

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