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Statements from the Council

On the accession of His Majesty, King Charles III 

Statement from the Lord Mayor, Cllr Hamza Taouzzale

The loss of our beloved Queen after so many decades of dedicated service was for all of us, the end of an era.

Today, with the accession of King Charles III, we embark on a new chapter in the story of our great nation. Like me, I am sure the people of Westminster will have been reassured by our Monarch’s words in his televised address made yesterday evening.

In it he interwove the messages of love from a grieving son with his intentions as our now and future head of state.  It is a role he has born for and one that he has waited devotedly in the wings to fulfil. He has made Westminster his home in St James’s and home it will remain as Buckingham Palace.

Tomorrow the leader and I, as well as the Cabinet and other councillors will take to the steps of Old Marylebone Town Hall to make the accession announcement.

God Save the King.

10 September 2022

Statement from Cllr Adam Hug, Leader of Westminster City Council 

Today’s historic accession council marks the start of a new era in all our lives. Nobody can have failed to have been moved by King Charles’ televised statement last night, delivered with great dignity from the depths of grief. The King has again today given us an insight into the kind of Monarch he intends to be - compassionate, caring, and a custodian of all our traditions and backgrounds. This is a message that will resonate in communities across Westminster.

As home to Buckingham Palace, Westminster has always had a special affinity with the Royal Family. At the gates of the Palace, I have been moved by the huge crowds and outpouring of emotion as people pay their own tributes and in their own words.

Tomorrow Lord Mayor of Westminster will oversee our own accession announcement at Old Marylebone Town Hall. As the country moves through its grief at the loss of such a towering figure, we will support King Charles III as he continues that matchless tradition of public service.

10 September 2022

On the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Statement from the Lord Mayor, Cllr Hamza Taouzzale

The Lord Mayor, on behalf of Westminster City Council and the entirety of the City of Westminster, would like to express his deep sadness on the tragic passing of Her Majesty The Queen. 

The Queen served this nation dutifully for seven decades, leading us through good times and bad, with the same good grace, steadfastness and devotion throughout. Her Majesty’s example is one to be looked up to with admiration by so many, at home, abroad and throughout the Commonwealth.  

As Head of the Commonwealth and through her countless visits to countries in every corner of the globe, Her Majesty was the premier ambassador for the United Kingdom. The Queen also was an impeccable host, using Buckingham Palace and other Royal residences to welcome dozens of visiting heads of states, showcasing the best of Britain. 

Here in Westminster, myriad past Lord Mayors of Westminster met The Queen at a host of events, from State Banquets to community engagements and her much loved Garden Parties. I know each and every Lord Mayor was touched by Her Majesty’s devotion to her people and commitment to this country.  

Flags will be flown at half-mast on Westminster City Council buildings and Books of Condolence will be opened throughout the City for residents, councillors, staff and visitors. 

The Lord Mayor will be cancelling a number of events as a mark of respect, and those going ahead will begin with a period of silence. 

Thank you. 

8 September 2022

Statement from Cllr Adam Hug, Leader of Westminster City Council 

Her Majesty the Queen was an inspirational figure whose life of service guided our nation through some of its most challenging times.  

Her wisdom and ability to connect with people from all walks of life was unique. The City of Westminster mourns with the Royal Family for what is everyone’s loss.  

As home to Buckingham Palace, we have always felt a special link with the Royal family. Over the coming days we will support residents, and the many expected visitors, in paying their respects in an appropriate way. 

8 September 2022

Published: 10 September 2022