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Leader Elect unveils new team

Group image of nine new cabinet members that will represent Westmintser City Council

Pictured above (left to right): Councillor David Boothroyd; Councillor Tim Roca; Councillor Geoff Barraclough; Councillor Nafsika Butler-Thalassis; Councillor Adam Hug; Councillor Matt Noble; Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg; Councillor Aicha Less; Councillor Liza Begum

Updated statement from Cllr Adam Hug, Westminster City Council Leader Elect:

It’s hard to believe that it has not even been one week since the local elections. It’s been a hectic, but hugely energising and humbling six days. I want to take this opportunity to say what a privilege it is to be taking up the position as Leader and to thank everyone for the trust placed in us to run the council.

Whilst the formal election of a new Leader won’t take place until next Wednesday, along with my new team we’re already busy working with council staff to start bringing in fresh, exciting ideas and positive changes. This means we will only be focusing on the things that are important to you. We also see ourselves as being in partnership with local people. That’s why we are absolutely committed to making sure everyone can have a voice that is listened to and can have their say on things that matter to them.

Our promise is to build a fairer Westminster where we’ll ensure that the interests of all communities are at the heart of everything we do. We’ll tackle inequality within Westminster by, for example, increasing the amount of social housing and helping people through the cost-of-living crisis. From ideas to decision making, involving local people is central to how we will go about things. To put it simply, we’re on your side.

We don’t approach things thinking that we always know best. The real, often untapped, local experts are in all our communities – those living, working or running businesses in every neighbourhood in this city. It’s our outward looking view that has led us to launch our exciting new Future of Westminster Commission that will invite all opinions as to how we can rethink the city for the better. We’ll share more details in due course, and we look forward to your involvement.

My proposed team (pictured above) and their area of responsibilities are:

  • Councillor Tim Roca, Deputy Leader, and Young People, Learning and Leisure
  • Councillor Aicha Less, Deputy Leader, and Communities and Public Protection
  • Councillor Nafsika Butler Thalassis, Adult Social Care, Public Health and Voluntary Sector
  • Councillor Geoff Barraclough, Planning and Economic Development
  • Councillor David Boothroyd, Finance and Council Reform
  • Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, City Management and Air Quality
  • Councillor Liza Begum, Housing Services
  • Councillor Matt Noble, Chief Whip and Climate Action, Regeneration & Renters

Whilst a new Cabinet, this is a really experienced team that have served as councillors across the city for many years and are passionate about Westminster and its people.

Finally, it will be an absolute honour to become Leader of Westminster City Council. On behalf of your new incoming Cabinet, we can’t wait to get cracking with all of you to build a Fairer Westminster.

Find further details of the cabinet's portfolio responsibilities

Published: 11 May 2022