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Creating an inclusive culture for our visitors

Published: 18 January 2022

To make sure we’re continuing to foster an inclusive culture across Westminster, we are proud to be the first city council in London to sign-up to WelcoMe.

The WelcoMe app allows visitors with accessibility needs who wish to visit Westminster City Hall and Lisson Grove, to discreetly inform our staff of the assistance they require. This enables our staff to have the information they need, to know exactly how to help, so you receive a warm welcome.

Help us to help you

To help us deliver a service that best suits your needs, sign-up for the app. Here’s a list of reasons why you should:

  • Personalised access – create a simple profile that is personable to you and outlines your accessibility needs, including your key requirements and what support you require
  • Receive better service – our staff receives a reminder each time you visit one of our buildings, allowing them to prepare to address your specific needs
  • Communicate with ease – you're in control to tell us what your needs are so our staff can make your visit a more welcoming experience
  • Increase your confidence – you can feel confident that your accessibility needs will be understood and our staff will meet them upon arrival

Case studies

Feedback from some current users of the app:

I have been using the WelcoMe App throughout lockdown, I love how confident it makes me feel - even in places I haven’t visited before. WelcoMe have helped me to get out. There is a purpose in going out if you know that you can get help and not struggle to find somewhere to sit or find a member of staff and I think that is really important. It would be too easy to become housebound, ordering online and missing out on interaction with other people.



What I love about WelcoMe is that it is a piece of technology that isn’t trying to be the solution in itself. It is a piece of technology that is providing real people with the information they need to have better customer service experiences. I can share the right level of information with a venue that I want to visit and they can use that information to expect my arrival, to be more disability confident with regards to me or anyone else with a disability, whether sight loss or something else. And then I can arrive and have a much better experience using that venue.



I tell everyone I see that this is a fantastic useful app that is free for the user to download. That gives many people who want to be independent of the opportunity to go places and receive the best quality experience. Customer service that is second to none is rare but change is coming through WelcoMe.


Download the app

You can download the app for free

How to use the app:

  • Setup your profile - download the app and create an account
  • Planning a visit – search for Westminster City Hall or Lisson Grove and check our accessibility features
  • Visit and repeat - We will get notified when you are arriving at our venues and you can enjoy your personalised service