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Council encourages residents to walk more as part of new walking plans


Published: 15 July 2022

Westminster City Council is working with Footways London to encourage people to walk more around the city.

The new Footways London map highlights walking routes residents can follow to move around London on foot. The map diverts people away from busy main roads and instead focuses on routes with lower levels of pollution, making it a more enjoyable, efficient and healthy way of moving around the city.

To help reduce reliance on cars in central London, Footways London have created digital and printed maps to help connect locations such as train stations and green spaces with appealing and accessible streets.

This is one of the ways the council is working toward making Westminster the best borough to walk in, encouraging active travel by creating more safe and pleasant routes for walking and cycling, designed in partnership with residents and social enterprises such as Footways London.

Cllr Paul Dimoldenberg, Cabinet Member for City Management and Air Quality at Westminster City Council said:

Air pollution impacts all of us and we are committed to improving air quality to create a safer and more pleasant environment for residents and visitors.

We want to encourage residents and visitors to participate in active travel by walking and cycling more.

Working in partnership with social enterprise Footways is just one of the ways we are encouraging active travel, along with initiatives such as School Streets and increased cycling provision, and to help support us in our ambition to make Westminster an even better place to walk in.

David Harrison and Emma Griffin, co-founders of Footways London said:

Westminster is a great place for walking, and walking is the most popular form of transport in the borough. We were delighted to meet and stroll along the Footways.London walking network with the key Westminster councillors. We look forward to working with them to promote walking in the borough and make improvements to produce an even better pedestrian environment and link major destinations by beautiful low-pollution, routes.