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Coreen Brown, Relationship Manager - Physical Activity, interviewed by Sky Sports on how sport can fight inequality

Published: 27 May 2021

Coreen Brown, Relationship Manager - Physical Activity at Westminster City Council, was interviewed by Sky Sports news yesterday, Tuesday 25 May. She explained how sport is helping to support diversity and fight inequality across Westminster.

When asked about the biggest challenge she's faced this year, she replied:

The mental impact that came with [lockdown], the physical impact that came with it, but also the emotional impact that has come off the back of some of the racial inequalities that have taken place over the last year. It’s been really important for us to use sport as an avenue to really try and uplift people where we can.

On what's been really inspiring about the last year:

We try and do a lot of mentoring in Westminster, we try and support young people into work opportunities, some of which starts as volunteering... to provide them with opportunities to get into the workforce.

I’ve had some great experiences where young people have maybe struggled with their mental health, but through [volunteer] mentoring have been able to get back into an environment like playing sport. They've helped with coaching or helped with support and mentoring other young people... Giving something back to society has given some of these young people we’ve worked with a purpose.

 On the power of sport to break down barriers, Coreen said:

That starts from us. We have an inclusion plan as a department in Westminster, and that sits under our corporate plan... we have these conversations, some of them are difficult, some of them are really open. I think it’s about us using the inclusion plan to help educate ourselves to be better, and we support our clubs and organisations to be better.

Watch the full interview on Sky Sports