New central London measures to tackle over-running roadworks and suspensions

Fri, 23/10/2015

Westminster City Council is bringing in a range of new measures to free up much-needed parking space across central London.

Parking suspensions booked by companies to carry out a huge range of activities – from filming James Bond to putting in new water pipes – will be changing to a tiered charging structure with spaces booked by time and volume, and costs rising for longer suspensions.

The new scheme is to encourage shorter bookings and help tackle over-running roadworks, unnecessary loss of parking spaces, and long ‘block blockings’ from companies who wish to rent out the kerbside without properly planning ahead.

The changes include:

  • an increase in the charges for suspension of general parking bays and single yellow line dispensations
  • an increase in the charges for London Joint Utilities Group (LJUG) suspensions and a significant re-modelling in their charging structure
  • the introduction of charging for ‘special permissions’ at locations where and when loading is usually not permitted at a rate 50% above that for general bay suspensions and SYL dispensations
  • the introduction of a £20 ‘short notice’ administration fee for suspensions booked within ten calendar days of their commencement date to encourage utilities to plan ahead

The charges are available in full online, and in the Cabinet Member report, but for example:

In Mayfair and the West End, where occupancy is very high a one day suspension will be £48 for one bay, rising to £52 per day from day 2, rising again to £78 per day from day 6, with a maximum rate of £104 per day from day 43.

In places where occupancy is lower such as Knightsbridge and Victoria, a one day suspension will be £44, rising to £48 from day 2, rising again to £72 per day from day 6, with a top rate of £96 per day from day £43. All fees are reinvested back into local transport projects in the same way as parking fees paid by the public.

The changes will be rolled out from 16 November 2015.

Cllr Heather Acton, Westminster City Council cabinet member for parking, said: “It has been just too easy for companies to block book spaces in Westminster sometimes with an arbitrary aim of getting the works done at some stage in the future.

“London’s transport network cannot cope with such extensive disruption, so we want companies to be more accurate and considerate when contemplating work on the streets of Westminster. 

“The introduction of a tiered structure to encourage work to be done quickly and efficiently will help us keep our roads clear and return parking spaces back to use for residents, shoppers and commuters.”

Last updated: 1 April 2016
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