City of Westminster Neighbourhood Watch Association

Neighbourhood Watch is about being part of a community team whose members work to protect each other from crime and anti-social behaviour and to improve the quality of life in their area and to ensure everyone in their community can feel safe.

Neighbours work together:

  • to implement crime prevention initiatives in the neighbourhood
  • as a local network to distribute local crime information and advice
  • to provide intelligence to the Police on criminal and anti-social activities
  • to lobby Councils and other local agencies for improvements to their area

A successful Neighbourhood Watch:

  • brings people closer together
  • creates a stronger community spirit
  • helps to reduce crime and people's fear of crime
  • strengthens links with the Police
  • develops closer relationships with local councils
  • improves the local environment
  • creates a better quality of life


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Contact us

Contact us to find out more about neighbourhood watch in your area, as well as to be included on the distribution list for emails and bulletins notifying you of special events and crime trends.


For more information on neighbourhood watch in Westminster, and information how to join or set up a watch please visit the Westminster Neighborhood Watch Association website.

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Last updated: 9 September 2019