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Manna Ash Manna Ash Fraxinus ornus Victoria Embankment Gardens, SW1 ../parks/victoria-embankment-gardens/index.html A tall tree with sinuous limbs, adjacent to the café. View from lawn area. Noted for its scented, dense panicles of white flowers in late spring. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T14-Manna-Ash.jpg
Mimosa Mimosa Acacia dealbata Park Crescent Mews West ../search-by-map/index.html Planted about 20 years ago, and now a focal point in the Mews. Particularly spectacular in early spring when it is laden with fragrant sulphur-yellow flowers ../image/2/290/195/5/images/Mimosa_99783_D14_A.jpg
Pear Pear Pyrus species Corner of Maida Vale and Carlton Hill, W9 – south side ../search-by-map/index.html Spectacular at blossom time (April) when heavily laden with white flowers - a rare and unusually-shape tree. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T11-Pear.jpg
Seven upright False Acacia Seven upright False Acacia Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Fastigiata' Churchill Gardens Estate, Lupus Street, SW1 ../search-by-map/index.html An unusual and rare species, ideally grouped for visual effect. Produces clusters of scented white flowers in summertime. Situated between Langdale and Gifford Houses. ../assets/ui/no-image-standard.jpg
Swamp Cypress Swamp Cypress Taxodium distichum George Eliot School, Marlborough Hill NW8 ../search-by-map/index.html A coniferous tree displaying stunning autumn colour. View from Finchley Road approx. 100 yards south of junction with Boundary Road NW8. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T13-Swamp-Cypress.jpg
Sycamore Sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus St John’s Church, Kilburn Lane W10 ../search-by-map/index.html Beautiful tree situated within the grounds of the churchyard. Stunning display of yellow flowers early spring and vibrant autumn colour. ../assets/ui/no-image-standard.jpg
The Honey Locust The Honey Locust Gleditsia triacanthos 19 Acacia Road, NW8 ../search-by-map/index.html Mature specimen, unusual for central London. Located south side of Acacia Road between Woronzow Road and Ordnance Hill ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T2-Honey-Locust.jpg
The Huntingdon Elm Tree The Huntingdon Elm Tree Ulmus x hollandica Marylebone High Street, W1 ../search-by-map/index.html Rare example of a mature Elm in central London. View from Marylebone High Street, adjacent to the Garden of Rest. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T8-Huntington-Elm.jpg
The Indian Bean Tree The Indian Bean Tree Catalpa bignonioides St James’s Church, Piccadilly, W1 ../search-by-map/index.html Mature tree of considerable character, producing exotic flowers in midsummer and retaining pendulous green seed pods into winter. Planted in 1923 within the churchyard adjacent to Sir Christopher Wren’s fine church. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T7-Indian-Bean.jpg
The Indian Horse Chestnut The Indian Horse Chestnut Aesculus indica Sussex Place, W2 (corners of Sussex Place, Gloucester Square and Strathearn Place) ../search-by-map/index.html An uncommon tree and a feature at this busy junction especially when in flower. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T9-The-Indian-Horse-Chestnut.jpg
The London Plane The London Plane Platanus x hispanica Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, W1 ../search-by-map/index.html Landmark tree, known locally as the Dorchester Plane, planted circa 1931. A feature when lit at night-time. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T5-London-Plane-Dorchester.jpg
The Lucombe Oak The Lucombe Oak Quercus x hispanica ‘Lucombeana’ St John & St Elizabeth Hospital, Grove End Road, NW8 ../search-by-map/index.html Magnificent evergreen oak, rare for central London. View from Grove End Road. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T10-Lucombe-Oak.jpg
The Maidenhair Tree The Maidenhair Tree Ginkgo biloba St John's Gardens, Horseferry Road SW1 ../search-by-map/index.html A species from the age of the Dinosaurs. Spectacular feature of the gardens in late autumn as distinguished foliage, resembling maidenhair fern, turns butter-yellow. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T1-Maidenhair.jpg
The Oriental Planes The Oriental Planes Platanus orientalis Regents Park Zoological Gardens, Regents Park, NW1 ../parks/regents-park/index.html Two impressive Oriental Planes, adjacent to the Parrot House within the grounds of London Zoo, characterised by mottled bark, deeply cut leaves and graceful habit. One of the parents of the ubiquitous hybrid London Plane. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T6-London-Zoo-Plane.jpg
The Tulip Tree The Tulip Tree Liriodendron tulipifera Violet Hill Gardens, Violet Hill, St John’s Wood, NW8 ../search-by-map/index.html Stately tree, with erect yellow-green, tulip-like flowers and curiously-shaped leaves, providing shade to visitors to the gardens and outstanding autumn colour. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T4-Tulip.jpg
The Turkey Oak The Turkey Oak Quercus cerris Park Lane Central Reservation, W1(Island 2) - by Upper Brook Street ../search-by-map/index.html A tree with character, displaying sinuous limbs and fissured bark. Best viewed from Park Lane pavement adjacent to Hyde Park or adjacent to Upper Brook Street, W1. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T3-Turkey-Oak.jpg
Three London Planes Three London Planes platanus x hispanica Hyde Park Corner Hyde Park Corner, SW1 W2 2UH ../parks/hyde-park-corner/index.html An informal grouping of mature trees set against the backdrop of Wellington Arch. ../assets/ui/no-image-standard.jpg
White Mulberry White Mulberry Morus alba Abbey Garden, Great College Street, SW1 ../search-by-map/index.html A gem – a rare specimen (food of the silkworm). Can be viewed from within the Abbey grounds. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T12-Mulberry.jpg