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Manna Ash Manna Ash Fraxinus ornus Victoria Embankment Gardens, SW1 ../../parks/victoria-embankment-gardens/index.html A tall tree with sinuous limbs, adjacent to the café. View from lawn area. Noted for its scented, dense panicles of white flowers in late spring. ../../image/2/290/195/5/images/T14-Manna-Ash.jpg
The Maidenhair Tree The Maidenhair Tree Ginkgo biloba St John's Gardens, Horseferry Road SW1 ../../parks/st-johns-gardens-horseferry-road/index.html A species from the age of the Dinosaurs. Spectacular feature of the gardens in late autumn as distinguished foliage, resembling maidenhair fern, turns butter-yellow. ../../image/2/290/195/5/images/T1-Maidenhair.jpg
The Tulip Tree The Tulip Tree Liriodendron tulipifera Violet Hill Gardens, Violet Hill, St John’s Wood, NW8 ../../parks/violet-hill-gardens/index.html Stately tree, with erect yellow-green, tulip-like flowers and curiously-shaped leaves, providing shade to visitors to the gardens and outstanding autumn colour. ../../image/2/290/195/5/images/T4-Tulip.jpg
Three London Planes Three London Planes platanus x hispanica Hyde Park Corner Hyde Park Corner, SW1 W2 2UH ../../parks/hyde-park-corner/index.html An informal grouping of mature trees set against the backdrop of Wellington Arch. ../../assets/ui/no-image-standard.jpg