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Mimosa Mimosa Acacia dealbata Park Crescent Mews West ../../search-by-map/index.html Planted about 20 years ago, and now a focal point in the Mews. Particularly spectacular in early spring when it is laden with fragrant sulphur-yellow flowers ../../image/2/290/195/5/images/Mimosa_99783_D14_A.jpg
Swamp Cypress Swamp Cypress Taxodium distichum George Eliot School, Marlborough Hill NW8 ../../search-by-map/index.html A coniferous tree displaying stunning autumn colour. View from Finchley Road approx. 100 yards south of junction with Boundary Road NW8. ../../image/2/290/195/5/images/T13-Swamp-Cypress.jpg
The Huntingdon Elm Tree The Huntingdon Elm Tree Ulmus x hollandica Marylebone High Street, W1 ../../search-by-map/index.html Rare example of a mature Elm in central London. View from Marylebone High Street, adjacent to the Garden of Rest. ../../image/2/290/195/5/images/T8-Huntington-Elm.jpg
The Indian Horse Chestnut The Indian Horse Chestnut Aesculus indica Sussex Place, W2 (corners of Sussex Place, Gloucester Square and Strathearn Place) ../../search-by-map/index.html An uncommon tree and a feature at this busy junction especially when in flower. ../../image/2/290/195/5/images/T9-The-Indian-Horse-Chestnut.jpg
The Turkey Oak The Turkey Oak Quercus cerris Park Lane Central Reservation, W1(Island 2) - by Upper Brook Street ../../search-by-map/index.html A tree with character, displaying sinuous limbs and fissured bark. Best viewed from Park Lane pavement adjacent to Hyde Park or adjacent to Upper Brook Street, W1. ../../image/2/290/195/5/images/T3-Turkey-Oak.jpg