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Abington Street Gardens 51.498603434550226, -0.12481927871704102 A small, formal London Square with a well laid out lawn. The main focus of the space is a Henry Moore sculpture. london-square,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/abingdon-3870.jpg
Berkeley Square 51.509864277798705, -0.14518260955810547 A traditional formal London Square with a small central shelter, characterised by many mature London Plane trees set amidst 4 equal sized open lawn areas. events,london-square,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/Berkeley-Square.jpg
Bessborough Gardens 51.48911951565998, -0.12913227081298828 A London Square contained on two sides by 1980’s pastiche white stucco façade houses. There is a fountain at one end and a central grass area. london-square,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/bessborough-gardens-07.jpg
Broadley Street Gardens 51.52200219518894, -0.16919374465942383 Tucked behind the busy Edgware Road Broadley street gardens is a small and contained park. playground,quiet-space,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/RIMG0470.JPG
Brownhart Gardens 51.51322956905176, -0.15093326568603516 Brown Hart Gardens is situated behind Oxford Street, just off Duke Street, and is a quiet, raised paved terrace space. events,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/brown-hart-gardens.JPG
Canal Walk 51.52663484859125, -0.17005205154418945 The Canal Walk incorporates the towpath along parts of the Grand Union and Regents Canals. wildlife-area,quiet-space,cycling, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/canal-walk-4543.jpg
Carlton Gardens George 6th Statue 51.50540221265615, -0.13265132904052734 This is a stepped access linking Carlton Gardens and Carlton House Terrace down to the Mall. statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/carlton-gardens-george-6th-4114.jpg
Causton Street Playground 51.49145761385475, -0.1296687126159668 A small children’s playground situated on the north side of the Millbank Estate behind Tate Britain. playground,sports-facilities,park-keeper,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/Causton-Street-Playground-equipment-4.jpg
Cavendish Square Gardens 51.51668808156912, -0.14460325241088867 Cavendish Square Garden is a formal London Square, laid out on a circular plan enclosed with a perimeter hedge, containing a central plinth. events,london-square,statues-monuments-and-fountains,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/cavendish-3943.jpg
Channel Four Community Gardens 51.49621226758188, -0.1315784454345703 A small informal local park adjacent to and at the back of the Channel 4 building. It is a semi public garden, serving mainly its local residents but fully publicly accessible. playground,quiet-space, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/channel-4-community-gardens-4414.jpg
Christchurch Gardens 51.498391039960794, -0.1334238052368164 Small, formal London Square set back from busy Victoria Street, containing a lawn and mature London Plane trees. statues-monuments-and-fountains,former-church-yard, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/christchurch-gardens-4425.jpg
Crown Reach 51.48799718593502, -0.12786626815795898 A small section of the Thames river walk adjacent to Vauxhall Bridge and running alongside Grosvenor Road. quiet-space, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/crown-reach-04.JPG
Drury Lane Gardens 51.514231095826055, -0.12009859085083008 Drury Lane Gardens is an attractive small park located in the heart of London’s Theatre land. playground,quiet-space,sports-facilities,park-keeper,former-church-yard,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/Druty-Lane-Playground-04.jpg
Ebury Square 51.49184505854546, -0.14883041381835938 Ebury Square provides a quiet shaded oasis amidst the very busy environment of Victoria Coach Station. london-square,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/ebury-square-05.JPG
Edbrooke Road Gardens 51.5238579832519, -0.1954793930053711 A small local park between two parallel roads, created as a result of bomb damaged houses in the Second World War. playground,quiet-space,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/edbrooke-rd-gardens-03.JPG
Garden of Rest Marylebone 51.52205493261561, -0.15158772468566895 A small pocket park set back from Marylebone High Street and adjacent to Marylebone Church, containing grave stones and memorials, including one to John Wesley. quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,former-church-yard, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/garden-of-rest-4507.jpg
Golden Square 51.5119342284345, -0.1365351676940918 A traditional London Square in the heart of Soho, close to Regent Street. The site consists of bedding displays and shrub planting with perimeter rose beds and grass verges, and 4 mature Hornbeam trees marking the east and west entrances. events,london-square,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/golden-sq-4068.jpg
Green Park 51.50413469822423, -0.14297246932983398 One of London's most famous green spaces, Green Park is located next to Buckingham Palace. cafe,quiet-space,cycling,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/Green-Park-Anne-Marie-Briscombe.JPG
Grosvenor Square 51.511573663152866, -0.15071868896484375 A large London Square, located at the heart of Mayfair. This is a very pleasant and significantly large green central London space, with well maintained lawns, mature established trees and numerous statues and memorials. A key feature and focal point of the square is the statue of President Roosevelt. This site is surrounded by a well established holly hedge that screens it from the adjacent roads that now mainly house foreign embassies. london-square,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/grosvenor-square-07.JPG
Hanover Square 51.51415097449445, -0.14327287673950195 A highly planted formal square, set in Mayfair just south of Oxford Street. The square contains various statues the most notable being one of William Pitt (former politician and twice Prime Minister). The site consists of informal seating aligning the paths. Well established hedges surround the square creating a clear division from the adjacent road passing around the square. events,london-square,statues-monuments-and-fountains,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/hanover-square-02.jpg
Harrow Road Open Space 51.52600228112856, -0.21107912063598633 A small local ‘pocket’ park alongside the canal-side adjacent to the Harrow Road. quiet-space, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/harrow-rd-open-space-26.jpg
Hyde Park 51.508582196691954, -0.16359329223632812 Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in central London and one of the Royal Parks of London, famous for its Speakers' Corner. playground,cafe,events,wildlife-area,quiet-space,cycling,statues-monuments-and-fountains,sports-facilities,green-flag-winner,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/hyde-park-07-1555.jpg
Hyde Park Corner 51.50285245588863, -0.14996767044067383 Sitting between Hyde Park and Green Park on a grand round-about, the park features open grass and monuments. events,cycling,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/hyde-park-corner-4673.jpg
Inigo Jones Garden 51.51173391474148, -0.12372493743896484 A surprising oasis tucked behind Covent Garden, this is a very pleasant space to escape from the crowds of the various near by tourist attractions and shopping streets. quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,former-church-yard, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/inigo-jones-garden-03.JPG
Kensal Wharf Open Space 51.52548162454353, -0.2068948745727539 A small open space situated between The Harrow Road and the Grand Union canal at the base of Ha’ Penny Bridge Steps. ../assets/ui/no-image-standard.jpg
Kensington Gardens 51.50633846794094, -0.17792701721191406 Kensington Gardens, once the private gardens of Kensington Palace, is one of the Royal Parks of London, lying immediately to the west of Hyde Park. playground,cafe,events,quiet-space,cycling,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/kenisngton-gardens-IMG09-5229.jpg
Kildare Gardens 51.51578319631294, -0.19288301467895508 An attractive small garden square surrounded by quiet residential road of white stucco buildings. quiet-space, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/kildare-gardens-01.JPG
Lancaster Gate 51.51144167776773, -0.17962217330932617 Located close to Kensington Gardens, Lancaster Gate is a London square dating back to the mid-1980s. london-square,cycling,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/lancaster-gate-01.JPG
Leicester Square Gardens 51.510865878560125, -0.1293468475341797 One of London’s best known public Squares and hub of entertainment and activity. The square has become the capitals’ prime location for hosting film premieres, and hosts various celebrity events. events,london-square,statues-monuments-and-fountains,park-keeper,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/leicester-square-30.JPG
Lisson Street Community Gardens 51.52163147360102, -0.16792774200439453 A long narrow leafy site, that is sunken and so separated from the adjacent road. playground,events,wildlife-area,quiet-space, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/lisson-gardens-04.JPG
Lower Grosvenor Gardens 51.4967880293883, -0.14425992965698242 A formal London square with paths, lawns, benches and formal bedding displays. london-square,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/Lower-Grosvenor-Gardens-5.JPG
Marble Arch 51.51286812397707, -0.15852928161621094 This famous site marks the end of Oxford Street and the entrance to Hyde Park, acting as a transition space into Speakers Corner and Hyde Park beyond. events,statues-monuments-and-fountains,park-keeper,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/marble-arch-4605.jpg
Millbank Gardens 51.49189849893405, -0.12765169143676758 This formal rectangular London square is located behind Tate Britain in a quiet and predominantly residential pocket of Pimlico at the edge of the Millbank Estate. quiet-space,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/millbank-gardens-4370.jpg
Mount Street Gardens 51.509440037647465, -0.149688720703125 This is an attractive London open space in the heart of Mayfair. It is hidden behind houses/large mansion blocks and 2 Churches in the midst of a quiet residential area. events,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,former-church-yard, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/mount-street-4651.jpg
New Trinity Mews 51.4879437409733, -0.13061285018920898 A small local park in Pimlico with a play area for young children and a multi use games general kick-about area for older children. playground,sports-facilities, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/new-trinity-mews-4357.jpg
Norfolk Square Gardens 51.51561984318276, -0.17299175262451172 A traditional rectangular London Square, consisting of central lawns, bedding displays and London plane trees. events,london-square,quiet-space,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/norfolk-square-gardens-43.jpg
Orange Park 51.524270518587265, -0.17455816268920898 Orange Park is predominantly a small local playground surrounded by housing. playground, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/orange-park-02.JPG
Orange Square 51.49078826191154, -0.15123367309570312 This is a small pocket park, set back from the street, with seating on two sides. There is also a statue of a young Mozart by Philip Jackson. Mozart lived nearby as a child prodigy. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/orange-square-03.JPG
Paddington Green 51.520239794066775, -0.17387151718139648 This is a typical historical London Square, it is set back from the busy Harrow Road and The Westway, and lies adjacent to St Mary’s Church. The square is set out in traditional fashion with diagonal Yorkstone paths connecting the four corner entrances. london-square,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/paddington-green-04.jpg
Paddington Recreation Ground 51.52990412336863, -0.19101619720458984 This large and leafy recreational space has a wide range of activities including many sports facilities. playground,cafe,events,wildlife-area,quiet-space,sports-facilities,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/paddington-rec_6452.JPG
Paddington Street Gardens (North) 51.520974136156376, -0.1544952392578125 This is a small local park and closed churchyard just behind Marylebone High Street. events,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,former-church-yard, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/paddington-st-gardens-nth-21.jpg
Paddington Street Gardens South 51.51977871030288, -0.1535940170288086 This leafy and popular park, set behind Marylebone High Street, is a closed churchyard and still contains various old memorials. events,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,former-church-yard,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/paddington-st-gardens-sth-02.JPG
Parliament Square 51.50112938593432, -0.12578487396240234 This world famous square consists of a large open grassed area in the middle, with a cluster of trees at the west end of the space. events,london-square,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/parliament-sq-3837.jpg
Pimlico Gardens 51.48560011747212, -0.1329517364501953 This is a small Thames-side park with river frontage along its whole length. events,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/pimlico-gardens-01.JPG
Porchester Square Gardens 51.51725201236757, -0.1868748664855957 An attractive, traditional London Square containing formal gardens and lawn, bedding displays and a recently refurbished children's play area. playground,london-square,quiet-space,green-flag-winner,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/porchester-square-01.JPG
Princes Garden 51.49911549324038, -0.1718759536743164 This London Square is surrounded, and owned, by Imperial College. quiet-space, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/princes-garden-4694.jpg
Queen's Park Gardens 51.52758579709386, -0.2091050148010254 This popular local park in the middle of Queen’s Park makes the best use of limited space. playground,events,wildlife-area,quiet-space,sports-facilities,green-flag-winner,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/queens-park-gardens-03.JPG
Randolph Gardens 51.533041018183496, -0.1912522315979004 This small local park has an open aspect from adjacent roads Randolf Gardens and Kilburn Park Road. sports-facilities, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/randolf-gardens-13.JPG
Regents Park 51.531880170120544, -0.15483856201171875 Regent's Park is one of the Royal Parks of London. It contains Regent's College and the London Zoo. playground,cafe,events,wildlife-area,quiet-space,cycling,statues-monuments-and-fountains,sports-facilities,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/regents-park-IMG09-1514-Anne-Marie-Briscombe.jpg
Rembrandt Gardens 51.52095944934912, -0.18123149871826172 These tranquil canal side gardens are sunken from the road with good views out over the canal and Little Venice. quiet-space,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/rembrandt-gardens-4566.jpg
Riverside Walk Gardens 51.48963034473766, -0.12638568878173828 This small riverside green space is located next to Vauxhall Bridge. It consists of a series of curving tiered grass terraces and informal seating looking towards the adjacent river. statues-monuments-and-fountains,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/riverside-walk-gardens-1.JPG
Sheldon Square Paddington Central 51.51901141355677, -0.17966508865356445 This is a relatively small modern open space between office blocks and shops in the Paddington Basin, close to the canal and Little Venice. cafe,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/paddington-central-06.JPG
Shrewsbury Road Open Space 51.51672680465859, -0.19719600677490234 This small pocket park forms a corner plot between Shrewsbury Road and Talbot Road. quiet-space, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/shrewsbury-road-pos-01.JPG
Soho Square 51.51572533275677, -0.13159990310668945 This very popular London Square is located at the heart of the centre of Soho and provides a small oasis behind Oxford Street. events,london-square,statues-monuments-and-fountains,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/soho-sq-4071.jpg
St Anne's Churchyard 51.51268517442651, -0.13192176818847656 This is a small local park on the site of an old burial ground with a Grade II* listed church tower as the main focus. events,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,former-church-yard,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/st-annes-4722.jpg
St George's Square 51.48724761454322, -0.1328444480895996 This is a long rectangular formal London Square set at the heart of a series large grand white stucco buildings in Pimlico. events,london-square,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/st-georges-square-4294.jpg
St James's Park 51.50397753648797, -0.1329946517944336 St James's Park is a 23 hectare park in Westminster, central London, the oldest of the Royal Parks of London. playground,cafe,events,wildlife-area,quiet-space,cycling,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/st-james-park-05.JPG
St James's Square 51.507543595565764, -0.13443231582641602 This is a typical London Square with four entrances, one on each side. london-square,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/st-james-square-01.JPG
St John's Gardens Horseferry Road 51.49486300627864, -0.12664318084716797 This is an attractive London Square with access from Horseferry Road and stepped access from Page Street. events,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,former-church-yard, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/st-john-horseferry-road-4394.jpg
St John's Wood Church Grounds 51.53101207261011, -0.1693868637084961 Located north of Regents Park and parallel with Lords Cricket Ground this large, attractive former church ground still contains various gravestones and memorials. playground,events,wildlife-area,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,former-church-yard,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/st-johns-wood-church-grounds-046.jpg
St Mary's Church Grounds 51.520198403442265, -0.17400026321411133 These Church grounds surround St Mary's Church. The church is a listed building which sits in the middle of the space, with a tarmac path skirting around the small church, and grass areas interspersed with gravestones and mausoleums. statues-monuments-and-fountains,park-keeper,former-church-yard, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/02050010.JPG
St Mary's Churchyard 51.52139626626128, -0.17592072486877441 This is a large open space which is part of the former Churchyard of St Mary’s Church, separated from the Church and Church Grounds by the pedestrian path, Church Walk. playground,wildlife-area,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,park-keeper,former-church-yard, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/RIMG0144.JPG
St Mary's Square Open Space 51.519984774235034, -0.17659664154052734 This is a small, triangular, extended roadside verge next to the Westway flyover road with access from St Mary’s Terrace. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/02050015.JPG
St Marylebone Parish Church Grounds 51.52255270908845, -0.15161991119384766 This London Square is a cobbled circular sweeping driveway from Marylebone High Street up to the side entrance of the adjacent Church, which is the focus of the space. statues-monuments-and-fountains,former-church-yard, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/st-marylebone-church-grds-01.JPG
St Stephen's Gardens Open Space 51.517487908577564, -0.19640207290649414 This attractive, small public garden is divided into sections comprising of a play area, a seating area and pergola, a grass mound with shrubberies and a circular seating area. playground,quiet-space, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/st-stephens-gardens-02.JPG
Stone Wharf 51.52015834804224, -0.17992258071899414 This space is linked to Rembrandt Gardens via the canal tow path under a road bridge and is open to the canal along one side and sunken from the Harrow Road on the other. events, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/stone-wharf-4582.jpg
Sussex Gardens Open Space 51.51312140276114, -0.17515897750854492 This is a triangular shaped London Square, it is surrounded on all sides by busy roads. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/RIMG0116.JPG
Talbot Square Gardens 51.51456359776483, -0.17406463623046875 This small London square is dominated by two large London planes, one at each end. london-square,quiet-space, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/talbot-square-03.jpg
Tamplin Mews Open Space 51.52578356161463, -0.19779682159423828 This small local park comprises a central lawn area surrounded by trees and a playground in one corner. playground,quiet-space,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/tamplin-mews-01.JPG
Temple Gardens 51.51185276755743, -0.11218070983886719 This is the smallest local park of the chain of open spaces along Victoria Embankment, designed by Sir Joseph Bazelgette. london-square,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/temple-gardens_6541.JPG
Temple Gardens Roof Terrace 51.51174593350637, -0.11301755905151367 This is a unique hard surface paved area situated above Temple Underground station. events,quiet-space, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/temple-gardens-terrace_6567.JPG
Trafalgar Square 51.50852744025984, -0.1272869110107422 Trafalgar Square is one of the most famous public spaces in London and no visit to the capital is complete without seeing it. cafe,events,london-square,cycling,statues-monuments-and-fountains,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/trafalgar-sq-4105.jpg
Upper Grosvenor Gardens 51.49793552344231, -0.14591217041015625 This is one of 2 triangular gardens located very close to Victoria rail, bus and coach stations. london-square,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/upper-grosvenor-gardens-01.JPG
Victoria Embankment Gardens 51.508608907082994, -0.12110710144042969 This vibrant public park is part of the chain of open spaces along Victoria Embankment, designed by Sir Joseph Bazelgette and opened in 1865. cafe,events,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/victoria-embankment-gardens-41.JPG
Victoria Embankment Gardens Whitehall Section 51.50609539052983, -0.12230873107910156 These formal gardens form part of the chain of gardens along the Embankment. events,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains,green-flag-winner,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/veg-whitehall-3820.jpg
Victoria Square 51.497958455327975, -0.14373421669006348 A small, attractive, public square tucked behind the busy Victoria one-way system and close to the back of Buckingham Palace gardens. london-square,quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/victoria-square-4483.jpg
Victoria Street Westminster Cathedral Piazza 51.496813410746775, -0.13872385025024414 This paved open space in the middle of Victoria Street creates the central piazza to Westminster Cathedral, with its impressive facade. events, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/victoria-cathedral-piazza-4468.jpg
Victoria Tower Gardens North 51.49725023622818, -0.12368202209472656 This large lawned trianglular space runs along the river frontage between the Houses of Parliament and Lambeth Bridge. quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/vic-tower-gardens-3901.jpg
Victoria Tower Gardens South 51.49468933608102, -0.12346744537353516 This small pocket park forms a riverside strip of open space bordering the Thames with southerly aspect. quiet-space,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/RIMG0366.JPG
Violet Hill Gardens 51.53246704933196, -0.18269062042236328 This attractive and popular small traditional garden contains a play ground, toilets, lawn and shrub areas and flower boarders. playground,quiet-space,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,toilets, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/violet-hill-gardens-04.JPG
Westbourne Gardens 51.516700099026956, -0.19026517868041992 This small, local open space is a leafy island in the middle of residential roads, enclosed by Georgian town houses on three sides of triangle. quiet-space,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/westbourne-gardens-03.JPG
Westbourne Green Open Space 51.51999812608985, -0.1883983612060547 This large open space is divided into 3 parts by roads incorporating the spaces between housing blocks from the Westway to the canal. playground,wildlife-area,quiet-space,cycling,sports-facilities,park-keeper, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/westbourne-green-open-space-11.JPG
Westminster Academy Community Sports Centre Skate Park and Ballcourt 51.52029186590531, -0.19350528717041016 This community sports facilities lies within the architecturally striking Westminster Academy boundary. cycling,sports-facilities, ../image/2/290/195/5/images/RIMG0048.JPG
Mimosa 51.5228953859968, -0.14786481857299805 Acacia dealbata Park Crescent Mews West ../parks// Planted about 20 years ago, and now a focal point in the Mews. Particularly spectacular in early spring when it is laden with fragrant sulphur-yellow flowers ../image/2/290/195/5/images/Mimosa_99783_D14_A.jpg
Three London Planes 51.502311499081884, -0.1504826545715332 platanus x hispanica Hyde Park Corner Hyde Park Corner, SW1 W2 2UH events,cycling,statues-monuments-and-fountains, ../parks/hyde-park-corner/ An informal grouping of mature trees set against the backdrop of Wellington Arch. ../assets/ui/no-image-standard.jpg
Sycamore 51.529077816040754, -0.21575689315795898 Acer pseudoplatanus St John’s Church, Kilburn Lane W10 ../parks// Beautiful tree situated within the grounds of the churchyard. Stunning display of yellow flowers early spring and vibrant autumn colour. ../assets/ui/no-image-standard.jpg
Seven upright False Acacia 51.487556263127246, -0.13951778411865234 Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Fastigiata' Churchill Gardens Estate, Lupus Street, SW1 ../parks// An unusual and rare species, ideally grouped for visual effect. Produces clusters of scented white flowers in summertime. Situated between Langdale and Gifford Houses. ../assets/ui/no-image-standard.jpg
Manna Ash 51.50886265501692, -0.1206350326538086 Fraxinus ornus Victoria Embankment Gardens, SW1 ../parks// A tall tree with sinuous limbs, adjacent to the café. View from lawn area. Noted for its scented, dense panicles of white flowers in late spring. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T14-Manna-Ash.jpg
Swamp Cypress 51.53844798353072, -0.17681121826171875 Taxodium distichum George Eliot School, Marlborough Hill NW8 ../parks// A coniferous tree displaying stunning autumn colour. View from Finchley Road approx. 100 yards south of junction with Boundary Road NW8. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T13-Swamp-Cypress.jpg
White Mulberry 51.498310890771144, -0.12549519538879395 Morus alba Abbey Garden, Great College Street, SW1 ../parks// A gem – a rare specimen (food of the silkworm). Can be viewed from within the Abbey grounds. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T12-Mulberry.jpg
Pear 51.53297561287748, -0.18732547760009766 Pyrus species Corner of Maida Vale and Carlton Hill, W9 – south side ../parks// Spectacular at blossom time (April) when heavily laden with white flowers - a rare and unusually-shape tree. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T11-Pear.jpg
The Lucombe Oak 51.53332266079877, -0.17560958862304688 Quercus x hispanica ‘Lucombeana’ St John & St Elizabeth Hospital, Grove End Road, NW8 ../parks// Magnificent evergreen oak, rare for central London. View from Grove End Road. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T10-Lucombe-Oak.jpg
The Indian Horse Chestnut 51.51340316860357, -0.1709747314453125 Aesculus indica Sussex Place, W2 (corners of Sussex Place, Gloucester Square and Strathearn Place) ../parks// An uncommon tree and a feature at this busy junction especially when in flower. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T9-The-Indian-Horse-Chestnut.jpg
The Huntingdon Elm Tree 51.522242517330305, -0.1516413688659668 Ulmus x hollandica Marylebone High Street, W1 ../parks// Rare example of a mature Elm in central London. View from Marylebone High Street, adjacent to the Garden of Rest. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T8-Huntington-Elm.jpg
The Indian Bean Tree 51.509156466648534, -0.13576269149780273 Catalpa bignonioides St James’s Church, Piccadilly, W1 ../parks// Mature tree of considerable character, producing exotic flowers in midsummer and retaining pendulous green seed pods into winter. Planted in 1923 within the churchyard adjacent to Sir Christopher Wren’s fine church. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T7-Indian-Bean.jpg
The Oriental Planes 51.53557840779458, -0.1549243927001953 Platanus orientalis Regents Park Zoological Gardens, Regents Park, NW1 playground,cafe,events,wildlife-area,quiet-space,cycling,statues-monuments-and-fountains,sports-facilities,green-flag-winner,park-keeper,toilets, ../parks/regents-park/ Two impressive Oriental Planes, adjacent to the Parrot House within the grounds of London Zoo, characterised by mottled bark, deeply cut leaves and graceful habit. One of the parents of the ubiquitous hybrid London Plane. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T6-London-Zoo-Plane.jpg
The London Plane 51.50890272035099, -0.15340089797973633 Platanus x hispanica Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, W1 ../parks// Landmark tree, known locally as the Dorchester Plane, planted circa 1931. A feature when lit at night-time. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T5-London-Plane-Dorchester.jpg
The Tulip Tree 51.532535125167115, -0.18299102783203125 Liriodendron tulipifera Violet Hill Gardens, Violet Hill, St John’s Wood, NW8 ../parks// Stately tree, with erect yellow-green, tulip-like flowers and curiously-shaped leaves, providing shade to visitors to the gardens and outstanding autumn colour. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T4-Tulip.jpg
The Turkey Oak 51.51067891475624, -0.15659809112548828 Quercus cerris Park Lane Central Reservation, W1(Island 2) - by Upper Brook Street ../parks// A tree with character, displaying sinuous limbs and fissured bark. Best viewed from Park Lane pavement adjacent to Hyde Park or adjacent to Upper Brook Street, W1. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T3-Turkey-Oak.jpg
The Honey Locust 51.53604556035942, -0.17058849334716797 Gleditsia triacanthos 19 Acacia Road, NW8 ../parks// Mature specimen, unusual for central London. Located south side of Acacia Road between Woronzow Road and Ordnance Hill ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T2-Honey-Locust.jpg
The Maidenhair Tree 51.495038011813065, -0.12690067291259766 Ginkgo biloba St John's Gardens, Horseferry Road SW1 ../parks// A species from the age of the Dinosaurs. Spectacular feature of the gardens in late autumn as distinguished foliage, resembling maidenhair fern, turns butter-yellow. ../image/2/290/195/5/images/T1-Maidenhair.jpg
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  • Great Tree of Westminster
  • Park/Open Space
  • Great Tree of Westminster
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