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Victoria Street Westminster Cathedral Piazza

Welcome to Victoria Street Westminster Cathedral Piazza

This paved open space in the middle of Victoria Street creates the central piazza to Westminster Cathedral, with its impressive facade.

The space is predominantly open for events and ceremonial processions connected to the adjacent cathedral that take place in the space throughout the year. A subtle stone step and ramp feature was recently added to the front of the cathedral, this provides both the required disabled access to the cathedral and an appropriate approach to the entrance of the cathedral.

The Cathedral site was originally known as Bulinga Fen and was part of a marsh area around Westminster. The land was reclaimed by the Benedictine monks from Westminster Abbey and used as a market area and fairground. After the reformation the land mainly remained as waste land but at various times became a maze, a pleasure garden, even a ring for bull-baiting and by the 17th century a prison.

In 1884 the site was acquired by the Catholic Church, and in 1895 the foundation stone of Westminster Cathedral was laid and the exterior of the building was fully completed eight years later. It was designed in the Early Christian Byzantine style by the Victorian architect John Francis Bentley. The cathedral opened in 1903, shortly after Bentley's death. Despite the interior spaces being impressive in scale and form, a lack of finances meant that much of the proposed interior decoration could not be realized, and although large sections of the mosaic have since been added much of the interior remains incomplete today.

The piazza is often used as an informal meeting point for office workers in and around Victoria, and creates a welcomed area of open free space halfway along Victoria Street.

Disabled access

If you would like to hold an event or film in this park please visit the Special Events website at www.westminster.gov.uk/specialevents or call 020 7641 2390.