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St George's Square

Welcome to St George's Square

This is a long rectangular formal London Square set at the heart of a series large grand white stucco buildings in Pimlico.

The square consists of a large area of lawn in the centre, paths and shrubs around the edge and a separate dog area at one end.

Pimlico's development was started in 1835 by the Marquess of Westminster who owned the land. The construction of both the buildings around St George’s Square and the square itself was largely supervised by Thomas Cubitt. St George's Square was originally laid out in 1839, at this time it simply consisted of two parallel streets running north to south and by 1843 it had been transformed into a formal square, and became a fully residential lived in square in 1854. It was a highly desirable place to live as it was London's only residential square open on one side to the River Thames, and up until 1874 the square for fortunate enough to have its own pier for boats and steamers.

The church of St Saviour was built at the north end of the square in 1864 and to this day shelters the square from the more busy Lupus Street.

This square is generous in size and a very pleasant peaceful space to spend a summer’s afternoon.

Has a dog area Disabled access

If you would like to hold an event or film in this park please visit the Special Events website at www.westminster.gov.uk/specialevents or call 020 7641 2390.