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Parliament Square

Welcome to Parliament Square

This world famous square consists of a large open grassed area in the middle, with a cluster of trees at the west end of the space.

The central space is not easily accessible as it is surrounded by busy roads. However, once at the central space a wealth of famous and historical statues await, together with uninterrupted views of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Apart from the Palace of Westminster famously located at the East side of the square, there are numerous other monumental buildings of national importance around the square including Westminster Abbey.

Statues that can be found within the space include statues of Winston Churchill (at the North-East side of the green overlooking Parliament), Abraham Lincoln (in front of Middlesex Guildhall - the seat of the supreme court), Robert Peel (at the South-West of the green), Lord Palmerston (at the North-West edge of the sqaure), Jan Christian Smuts, Edward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby, Disraeli and George Canning and various other well-known statesmen.

One of the most recent additions is a nine-foot high bronze statue of Nelson Mandela added to the square on 29 August 2007.

Parliament Square dates back to 1868 and was created to open up the area around the Palace of Westminster. The development was designed by architect Sir Charles Barry and involved a significant amount of property clearance. One of the aims was also to improve the general traffic flow of the area and the development is said to have included London's first traffic signals. The square was re-designed in 1950 by George Grey Wornum, and at the same time control of the space was transferred from the Parliamentary Estate to the Greater London Authority.

The Eastern side of Parliament square, opposite one of the main entrances to the Houses of Parliament, has throughout history become a place where people can protest against government policies, actions or lack of action, often adding another dimension to the square.

Disabled access

Dogs not allowed

If you want to hold an event or film in this park, please note that it is not managed by Westminster City Council and you will need to contact the relevant landowner directly for permission.