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Golden Square

Welcome to Golden Square

A traditional London Square in the heart of Soho, close to Regent Street. The site consists of bedding displays and shrub planting with perimeter rose beds and grass verges, and 4 mature Hornbeam trees marking the east and west entrances.

There is a raised central paved area, at the centre of which is a statue of George II on a plinth. During the summer months the square and the benches placed around the square are filled with people sitting having their lunches or just passing the time of day.

?The garden was originally known as Goldring Square, and is thought to have been laid out according to plans by Sir Christopher Wren, around the year 1670s. The central statue is one of only two public statues of George II in the capital. The original gardens were geometrically structured with four square grass areas around a smaller central area. The areas were divided by gravelled paths with trees at even spacing and enclosed with wooden pale fencing. By 1754 the formal layout had been replaced and the leafy trees removed in line with the fashion of the time. A large circular lawn had been created with a gravel path surrounding it and iron railing with lamp standards at each corner. It was at this time (14th March 1753) that the stone statue of the then reigning sovereign George II was erected and is thought to be by John Van Nost.

Sadly, by 1783 the gardens were again starting to deteriorate, and in the 1820’s a second Act was passed relating to the gardens and they were re-structured into having a central square feature with gravel paths, trees and shrubs and a decade later Dickens described it as 'a little wilderness of shrubs' watched over by a 'mournful statue'.

During the second world war (1939–45) an air-raid shelter was dug beneath the garden and the enclosing iron railings were removed for salvage. This lead to the site deteriorating and becoming derelict until it was taken over by the Westminster City Council on lease from the trustees of the square. The gardens were restored and re-opened to the public in November 1952.

Disabled access Dogs not allowed

If you would like to hold an event or film in this park please visit the Special Events website at www.westminster.gov.uk/specialevents or call 020 7641 2390.