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Ebury Square

Welcome to Ebury Square

Ebury Square provides a quiet shaded oasis amidst the very busy environment of Victoria Coach Station.

The mature London Planes provide a shaded spot away from the constant movement of the surrounding area where residents, tourists arriving in London, and office workers can relax.

 This small London Square consists of formal lawns, bedding plants and ornamental shrubs and is bordered by London Plane trees. The space is contained and enclosed by the various adjacent residential blocks. A fountain sits at the centre of the square.

The square opened to the public in 1884 but was originally laid out around 1820.

The name ‘Ebury’ is thought to stem from an area in the vicinity that was known as "Eia" and is mentioned in the Domesday Book. This name then evolved into ‘Eabery’, and as such Eabery Farm stood on this site prior to the gardens. In 1676 Eabery Farm became the property of the Grosvenor family. It consisted of 430 acres in Queen Elizabeth I's time, and is mentioned as early as 1307, when Edward I gave John de Benstede permission to fortify it.

Disabled access Dogs not allowed

If you would like to hold an event or film in this park please visit the Special Events website at www.westminster.gov.uk/specialevents or call 020 7641 2390.